Saturday, March 22, 2014


When I see a cloud in the sky like the picture above, I think about when Jesus is coming 'in the clouds' to take me home.  Do you ever think that when you see something like this?

Seems I always post something about Aryn, so wanted to share the latest picture I have of Rayven.  She is 15 going on 20.
At noon today, our local recreation center opens it's season of baseball and softball.  Jesse played baseball last year and he is anxious to get started this year.  First they have a big parade with floats of each team, bands, etc. My Pastor has been asked to pray before everything begins.

We had planned to go watch the parade and then his first game of the season.  However, Jim has a knot on the back of one of his legs and can't stand without weaving to and fro.  I called Murphy and told him to tell Jesse that Nana and Papaw wanted him to hit a home run for us!

As for Jim, I put compression hose on both legs, elevated his legs, but can't give him any anti-inflammatory due to his Xrealto.  Will watch and see what happens.  If need be, we can go to the ER.  In our city, your primary doctor doesn't go to the hospitals.  The hospitals use an hospitalist,(a doctor that is on staff for 12 hours then reports to your doctor for orders).
So say a little prayer that it isn't a blood clot. 

We will stay put, watch the Lady Vols play basketball this afternoon.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I prayed Linda. Please let us know the outcome, 'k? May the Lord keep and protect all of us.
    Rayven is very pretty. When I was 15 I looked it!
    Have a blessed day my friends. ~:)

    1. Thank you for your prayer...will keep everyone updated when I can.

  2. I will keep you in prayer. Poor Jim (and you)..I feel so bad for y'all..keeping in prayer. PS. I love the blog header. Did you look at the photo? It does look like someone is welcoming a new member. Yes, indeed..I think that as well, when God will call me home. Blessings

  3. Praying for you and Jim, It is so hard to have your husband sick.
    Bennie is feeling much better but weak. I don't know how people get by with out the Lord.

  4. Said a prayer for you both hoping it's not a blood clot. God bless him.
    Rayven is a beautiful young lady. She looks older than her age. I hope she's not one of those girls that's in a hurry to grow up.
    The picture of that sky is very ominous. I'm one to watch the sky and admire the clouds. Almost every day when I look up, I think of Jesus returning in the clouds. I've seen some fantastic openings, the sun light beaming through, and I think of Him.

  5. I been meaning to ask you.... since you had trouble with your blog and had to redo, now before I can post a comment, I have to type in those security codes to prove I'm not a computer. Sometimes it takes me 2 or 3 tries. Did you want to do this? If so, it's ok. I just wanted you to know.

  6. Oh, no no Carol.....I will try to fix that. Thanks for telling me.

  7. Praying for Jim! Our city used hospitalists too.
    I love the header - I think the same thing when I see a sky like that.