Saturday, March 22, 2014


Does anyone know how to remove the numbers or letters before you comment on a blog?  I have looked all over and cannot find it....driving me nuts.  I don't like going to someone's blog and have to type those letters/numbers. 

After I had the trouble with losing my blog and having to start over I have been told those letters/numbers are there.   Help!!!


  1. You have to go to dashboard then more options (next to your view blog button), then your (settings) is on the left hand side. Than posts and comments and then you click on it from there. If you like for me to post about it, I will..just let me I will check email later. Hope this didn't confuse you..

  2. Thanks so much Linda. I hope I corrected it.

  3. You fixed it. :)
    Simply Linda is GREAT with computer issues! She will be my Go To person from now on.
    God bless. ~:)

  4. Agreed! You always find the best friends on here....

  5. I'm going to check it out too. I'm glad you had a guru to help you. I certainly didn't know how to fix it. I'm going to see if "Simply Linda" would like a new friend. :)
    You have a wonderful Sunday. ♥

  6. Of course, I would like new friends (giggles)--I taught myself..really I did. We got our first computer when my/our son was a little baby. ANYWAYS--WAY TO GO LINDA!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!--Sorry I did not check email, I got involved with reading a book..I decided my funk mood needed to be just for me, not anyone else. Blessings