Friday, March 21, 2014

Advice of the Day

Arians tend to be enthusiastic, quick-witted, adventurous, and courageous. (AND this is important why?)

Never gulp tea or gruel; always sip it.(Who gulps?)

Expect good luck if a fly falls into your drinking glass.(If one falls in my glass, it gets poured out!)

Remove felt-tip ink stains from kitchen counters by rubbing them with alcohol.(Drinking or rubbing?)

Never put your hand out farther than you can draw it back again. --Irish proverb(Duh!)

For sweeter breath, chew dill seeds.(I always keep some on hand, don't you?)

Sprinkle salt on carpets to dry out muddy footprints before vacuuming.(There better not be any muddy footprints on my carpet.)

Cheddar cheese, dried fish, and sardines are good sources of calcium.(Ok on the cheese, yuk on the others)


  1. def. drinking alcohol, lololol. Have a great day Linda!! Blessings

  2. The advice is good, your additions are better!

  3. These all made me chuckle! Oh yeah, I always keep Dill Seeds handy and I'm careful not to gulp my gruel. *giggle* Love the Irish proverb. I need to remember that one.
    By the way, 20 Mule Team Borax is good at killing fleas in carpet / rugs and will prevent them from re-infesting. Honest Injun! It works.
    Hope y'all have a happy and funny Friday! ~:)

  4. Some good advice. I don't think it's such good luck to have a fly in my glass, especially if I swallow him. And no thank you on the dried fish and sardines.
    You have a good day. ♥