Friday, September 18, 2015


     I was sitting here thinking of what to title this blog....odds and ends, bits and pieces or what I came up with - THIS AND THAT! Original huh? NOT LOL

     This week has been 'Homecoming' week at Aryn and Grayce's school. Each day the students dress in something with a specific theme. They have been dalmatians, mardi gras, etc.  They also had a powder puff football game, where the girls play and the boys cheer. Aryn scored 20 of the 22 points for the girls to win!

Her Dad said he knew she would be a good 'running back'!

     Grayce on the other hand, is so serious and not into sports at all. She just prefers the quiet life.  She is in the 8th grade and prefers being with her friends.

(5th from right)

Caroline and Elizabeth will be going with their Girl Scout Troop to camp out this weekend.  As it has turned cool, sure hope they snuggle down in those sleeping bags.  
     Caroline is on the back row, far left; Elizabeth is on front row, far left.

     Rayven and Jesse were together this weekend at Murphy's house, and they went to the memorial on the Riverfront.
     This is a little sad note....Rayven requested pinto beans, mexican cornbread(that Nana makes) and banana pudding while at Murphy's. For my new friends, Murphy had a restaurant and is an excellent cook.  So, he was happy to cook those things for her.  She ate it for supper, took some for lunch the next day, and text'd him to bring her another serving to take with her to her mother's house.  She told Murphy it had been months since she had a home-cooked meal.

     We went to see Aryn's team play volleyball last night, and they won 3 of 5.

Happy Friday!

Hint for today:

My cat for today:

Do you see a cat within a cat?


  1. I love "this and that"! We SO love those kiddos, don't we and enjoy watching whatever they are doing! Happy that Rayven got that home cooked meal:) That needs to be done more often! HUGS!

    1. Yes, we do love our families...nothing like them. Rayven lives with her Mom, and Mom cant cook, nor obviously she cant buy groceries. So sad. We try to help Rayven all we can...

  2. Linda, your grandchildren are beautiful! Sadness for a child is heartbreaking but I know you are a source of strength in their lives.

  3. You have such a lovely family. You're so lucky. That is sad that Rayven hasn't had a home cooked meal in ages. Tell her she needs to learn how to cook. It might end up being a career choice some day too. But, back to the worthless 'mother', the only thing we can do is not be like them. I had to make that choice with my 'father' as well.
    I do see the cat within a cat! That's amazing.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  4. That cat on the cat is amazing!! God bless Murphy. It's good to know Rayven appreciates what he does for her.

  5. My life is full of this and that! Glad to hear Rayven had a good meal.