Friday, September 25, 2015


I would say rain, rain go away, but we really need it.  We need it to water the earth, and we need it to help cool the temps down a little.  I don't mind rain at all.

We have an appointment to have Jim's blood checked to see which blood thinner we will be using.  He has atrial fib, and I am sure some of you know what that is!  He has been taking Coumadin, which requires a blood check every month, and now have script for Eliquis and hope to take this one from now on.

Grayce got her braces put on and her mouth is a little sore.  She has an over-bite and that is what they hope to correct.  

Caroline is having a sleep over tonight to celebrate her upcoming birthday on Monday. She is having 4 little girls, and Jennifer, her Mom and my daughter, said she remembers how much fun she had with sleep overs.

Rayven is getting excited and getting ready to leave on her college tour this coming Sunday.  She is washing her clothes and packing tonight. She is getting her nails done tomorrow.  The high school she attends is sponsoring this trip and they will visit 5 different colleges.  There are 25 juniors going on the trip.  We hope she might find the school she wants to attend.

Jesse is staying with us tonight until Murphy gets off work.  We thought Rayven could get a lot more done without him to 'bug' her!

The other two grands, Elizabeth and Aryn, have no plans this weekend.

I purchased a new printer yesterday.  I tried all day to print and for the life of me, I couldn't get it to work.  I am thinking it has something to do with Windows 10, that I recently installed.  I finally uninstalled it, and called it a night.  I will work on it again today.

That's it!

Hints for the day:
Useful Hints from 1900
1. Iron pillowslips lengthwise instead of crosswise if you wish to iron wrinkles out instead of in.
2. Do not give sick people fried foods or anything highly seasoned. Avoid hot bread and biscuits and strong tea and coffee.
3. Bathe the face and hands of a feverish person with warm water that has a bit of common soda dissolved in it. A few drops of alcohol or cologne are often pleasant to use to bathe the sick.
4. Marble washstands and mantelpieces can be cleansed by simply washing the surface with warm water to which a little borax has been added, polishing afterward with a dry cloth.
5. House cleaning should have no fixed date, but should depend entirely upon the weather. 
6. It is rarely warm enough to leave off fires until late in the spring, but many small things can be done before the real cleaning begins.
7. Tansy leaves scattered around spots infested by ants will cause them to disappear.

My cat picture for today:
(He looks like he has a coat on!)


  1. Caroline and my Granddaughter Alex share the same birthday:) Enjoy your day dear friend, it is a rainy one here too and I SHALL NOT complain! Hope the Doctor appts go well! HUGS!

  2. Good for Rayven....enjoy! It's nice to get a glimpse of life's positive possibilities!

  3. That is one strange looking cat!! I would love to see him/her in person! Good hints, except hot tea with honey has helped my cold this past week or so. Good for Rayven!! I'm glad she is so excited about college and hope she finds one she likes! We always had fun at slumber parties! Happy birthday to Caroline! Tell Jim that I am on Eliquis for my A-Fib and it is SO much better than warfarin and those monthly blood tests. You also don't have to worry about eating green vegetables, which I love and hated passing up because of the vitamin K troubles with warfarin. Hope it works well for him!!

  4. It's rainy here and will be for a week. I don't mind though, just means more cuddling time in front of the wood burning stove. I always leave your blog a little smarter, thanks for the tips.

  5. Abe and I both take Coumadin and we check our own blood every two weeks. Then call in the numbers to our heart doctors, we have different doctors.

    If the medicine you're talking about is the one that requires no blood checking and you can eat all the green leafy and etc. vegetables you want, our insurance wouldn't cover it, apparently it cost a lot more. And now that we can check it ourselves, it's a lot easier then going to the doctor's office to have it done. If the number on the meter is too high we usually have to cut back on the Coumadin, if the number is too low, we have to add more medicine, the doctor's office calls us and let's us know. We got the meters free, then we get supplies through Roche, that's also who we actually call the reading into, and they get in touch with our doctors.

    At first it was hard to do, even though a lady came to our house and showed us how to do it. On this, the lower the number the thicker the blood, the higher the number the thinner the blood. They like it to stay between 2.0 and 3.0. Roche sends us a bill each month and our doctor charges a very small amount to check our charts and call us. It's just that it saves running to the doctor's office to have it checked. Our heart doctors nurses are the ones that suggested the meters and somehow took care of it then a representative called us to set up a meeting here at home to show us how to use them. We've been very happy with this arrangement.

    The cat is cute, but how could it have hair that looks like a different color and yes it does look like a coat. LOL

    Your Grandchildren all sound very busy. I guess that's why the young ones have so much energy. LOL Hoping the two of you have a great week-end.

  6. I hope you get your printer working. I have heard so many bad things about Windows 10 that I refuse to install it.

  7. That is really neat they are taking them on a college tour.

  8. I'm so ignorant I had to look up Tansy Leaves. They must be poisonous as they can cause miscarriage in pregnant women and sometimes death to the drinker. And I thought the Ortho I use for fireants was deadly! Yipes. *lol*
    I pray that the blood work comes back that everything is OK.
    Hope your evening is blessed. ~:)

  9. My Dad has A-fib too and is on Xarelto, which requires no blood testing. A lot of my patients are on coumadin.
    That is such an unusual cat!


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