Thursday, September 24, 2015


When the fall colors are in full bloom, everything isn't always gold, orange and brown.  That is one reason we enjoy the season so much, because of the difference.

Happy Thursday to you and yours.  I am thankful for your friendship here.

Update:  Rayven and her Mother had a major disagreement and Rayven is now living with Murphy.  Jesse is here this week too, so I get to enjoy them both.  I would just ask that you say a prayer for all.  The 90 day waiting period is up, and the attorney has submitted the divorce papers to the court, and as soon as it gets on the docket, it will be over....we pray.

I downloaded Windows 10 and really like it.  However, I cannot get it to work with my old printer.  Try as I might, I just couldn't get it going, so I purchased a new printer and will be hooking it up today and hopefully, I can print again.

Hint for today:

Cat picture for today


  1. I love Fall and the colors are amazing here in Croatia. Thanks for the tip about Aspartame, sadly I've been eating it for years. Hoping things get better in the situation in your family, that can't be easy.

  2. We switched to stevia for our sweetener. Of course, I'm sure scientists will find something wrong with it, too, before long. I do agree with the findings on aspartame though. Cute cat photo!! Made me smile. Rayven is so blessed to have Murphy in her life. Hope the judge gets it done quickly. They are all on my prayer list.

  3. I'm glad you're getting the word out about aspartame. It's deadly. All these artificial "foods" are, including margarine. Butter is so much safer. So many people are dying in their 50's in our area and I think one of the main reasons is their sorry diet.
    Prayers for Rayven and family. I hope all this is settled for the good soon.
    Have a blessed day. ~:)

  4. I will pray for that sweet family! Divorce is painful, especially for the kids:(. Sending hugs your way.

  5. It gets very pretty around here....not much change yet, though.
    God bless you and your family! Prayers coming your way.

  6. Praying for your family. It's been a rough haul.
    I love your photo header today!

  7. Keeping you and your family in prayer. I noticed yesterday, Linda, while waiting for the bus to go home--the "colors" on campus are changing. The trees have more orange and yellow now...anyways---keeping you in prayer sweet friend. Blessings

  8. The colors for this page are beautiful......good choice! Prayers for your family.