Saturday, August 29, 2015


Good Saturday morning....good for you, not so good for me.  I woke up at 4 am with leg cramps and tried everything I could to make it stop, and it didn't, so I have been up since 4 am...walking the floor.  Grrrrrrrr  This has happened before but it has been quite some time. Potassium for this old gal today.

In addition, Jim fell AGAIN yesterday.  Fortunately he didn't hit his head, and is just doubly sore this morning.

If you think retiring is all fun and games, sometimes it isn't.  Sometimes it is a full time job just keeping each other alive!  As little as we do, one would think we would be safe, injury free and just 'fat, dumb and happy', but trust me, it isn't always that way.  I am weary, and it really bothers Jim that I have to do so much.  But the one most able, does the is just a given thing.

I looked up fall prevention in Web MD.  There are lots of do's and dont's and we have 99% of them in place.  If someone gets their feet or legs twisted and falls, there is really nothing to anticipate or avoid.

Hint for today:

Cat picture for today:


  1. This is the pits of growing old, we are getting there fast.
    Hope all gets better soon. Is It time for a walker standing by to help Jim??

  2. Are you living my life or am I living yours. This growing old stuff stinks. Hope Jim is doing OK and feeling better all the time. Joe has finally healed from his 5 falls. Now his shoulder hurts where he broke it falling down a flight of stairs. I think we need to wrap our husbands in bubble wrap and make them stay put! Ha, ha.

  3. {{{Linda}}} sending you tons of hugs...keeping you in prayer. Blessings

  4. Wow, it's a good thing you have each other. Muscle cramps are killer! I've gotten them a few times but hubby gets them every couple months.

  5. A good hint and cat photo. Yes, the one most able ends up doing it all. And isn't it usually the woman? Just sayin'. Hugs and love to you. I hope the potassium did its work and your cramps have gone away. Not fun at all. Also hope you got a nap in!!

  6. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that and I do hope tomorrow will be a better day for you both. Hugs... :)

  7. Oh dear Linda, I know:) Aging can be difficult, can't it? I hope that Jim will be better each day and that you will be cramp free tonight! Sending HUGS and prayers your way! Tomorrow is Sunday, let's enjoy some Church Fellowship!

  8. Oh, I hope Jim is feeling okay after his falls and that the cut is healing up well. Leg cramps are horrible, I get them occasionally but not so bad as yours seem to be. heres hoping the potassium does the trick.
    Enjoy your day,


  9. Maybe a cane could help? Poor Jim, and you, that this is going on. I know when I was having hip problems, it was dicey just getting around. Anyway, I pray Jim is better today and there are no more incidents.
    I didn't know that about Potassium. I'll have to get some and keep it on hand since I have some doozy's sometime. Owie!
    Hope your day is blessed.
    Luv ~:)

  10. Sorry to hear he took another fall. He's going to have to start wearing a hard hat in doors.