Sunday, August 2, 2015


Today I get to worship with my church family.  Today our Pastor and family will be home from vacation. Today I will begin recording my teacher as she brings us a lesson from the Word of God.

Has anyone tried the new potato chips?  Several flavors were given to Lays and the one I chose was Reuben!  I love a Reuben sandwich so couldn't wait to give this a try.
And yes, it does taste like a reuben sandwich.  I was surprised because I didn't think they could get that flavor into potatoes, but they did.  If you like that taste, give them a try.  (no, they didn't pay me to write this!!!)

Grayce, our 13 year old, going into the 8th grade, granddaughter and 2 of her friends were invited to hand out the programs for the Cotton Ball last night.  That is a BIG event in the social circle around this area.  She was a little nervous, but contrary to her sports-minded sister, she loves anything 'girlie', and it couldn't be more so than the Cotton Ball.

The highlight of the region's social season, the presentation of college-age debutantes, a festive celebration of a young woman's 'coming out'. The social event began in 1933 as the Fall Fashion Show, to benefit the Children's Hospital Free Ward Fund and the Chattanooga Museum Association.  It continues until today.

Have a nice day!

My hint for today:

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  1. Beautiful Granddaughter! Enjoy your day dear friend! I will have to try those chips, we LOVE Reuben sandwiches:) HUGS!

  2. Linda!!! We bought those chips yesterday!!! We haven't opened them yet, though. smiles

    Beautiful granddaughter!! Praying the start of the school year will go well for them. Keeping you in prayer---btw, LOVEEEEEEEEEE the background and header. Smiles

  3. LOVE your header, my friend!
    And your granddaughter is stunning. And so classy. : )
    Thanks for the info about the chips!
    Steve loves Reubens!!! : )
    Happy, cozy Sunday...

  4. Those chips look good to me! I love a good Reuben sandwich!

  5. Seen them but not tried them, your granddaughter is a lovely one.
    Enjoy the day!

  6. How exciting for Gracye!! She is so pretty and I'm sure did a great job! Love the white cat, and the tip about unsealing an envelope is a good one to remember!

  7. I haven't tried the flavored chips. I'm thinking we probably wouldn't like them. :)
    Grayce looks so pretty!

  8. I need to try those. I just love Reubens!