Monday, August 3, 2015


Do you know someone that stands out, no matter what the event is? I have one in my Sunday School class. I have one in a family gathering.  Not saying it is all bad, just saying that some have a way of standing out.

My dear son called this morning, wanting to know if I could print out the list for school supplies for Jesse and Rayven, and also a 14 page copy of his new auto policy.  Of course Mom said yes.  Well, the printer said no.  I have worked from 10 am until just now, 10:50, trying to coax my printer back to life.  I am one of those people who gets really frustrated when something that has always worked, doesn't.  Grrrrr

I did manage, however, to beat him (the printer) got it up and running and printed it all.

What a lovely way to begin a day you say?  Well, yes, I am alive, the sun is shining, Jim is alive and kicking, and God is still on His throne.
Hope your Monday is exactly what you want it to be.  Enjoy the warmth and sunshine while we still can.  If we blink, it will be cold and snowy and we will be complaining about that.  Humans we are!

My hint today:
I tried it; it works!  

My cat:


  1. Well, that's what mom's are for!!! It's raining here and has been for about ten days......lots of flooding and road closings. The plans for the ark are almost completed......I'm thinking of painting it bright red!!!

  2. I know what you mean-Life works backwards sometimes.
    Glad all is well with you and Jim.

  3. You are a good mom persevering with that printer. Glad everything got printed out. And believe me, I'm really enjoying this heat. I don't like winter. I should move to a warmer climate.

  4. I am glad you got the printer fixed. Ours is still in the box, can't afford the ink, wink. As always, you make me smile. Have a lovely Monday, friend.

  5. Glad you got that printer to work! I agree with you on the frustration factor! Great hint and cat photo. Murphy is a good man.

  6. Our printer has been giving us fits lately, so I feel your pain. Hooray for beating it!
    I love your header shot!

  7. You are SO talented! When something which includes anything in the line of technology gives me fits, I tell my son....who lives in the same house as me....whew, that works out great for me!!
    Love the cat pic!

  8. Oh those machines can really frustrate us, can't they? Have a blessed day dear friend, I am enjoying today because tomorrow... today will be yesterday:) HUGS!