Sunday, August 9, 2015


Not feeling 100% this morning, so best keep this short.  Hope you have a really good day!

Fresh air smells clean
While doors and windows are open in summer months, airing your house, it’s also vital to allow the air in during cooler seasons. “Fresh air is essential for keeping upholstery, carpets, beds and curtains smelling fresh, so even on those very cold days allow a quick blast of air into the room while you’re doing the cleaning.

My cat picture today:

August 9, 2015

The 221st day of 2015
45 days until autumn begins


  1. That is a good idea. I do that during nearly every month except the summer. It's just too hot and humid here for that kind of "airing". :)
    My husband is uncharacteristically in bad sorts today. He injured his neck. I've got him mildly sedated (ZzzQuil) and sleeping. That should help. I had years of neck pains and a self proclaimed expert. *giggle* Hope you are feeling better soon. Prayers from me.
    Luv ~:)

    1. Hope hubby feels better soon.....he has a good 'nurse'!

  2. So true, I am looking forward to a little cooler/fresher air:) Have a blessed day dear friend, I hope your day gets better! HUGS!

  3. OHHHHHH Linda, I love your fall look many more days? (smiles)---can't come any sooner???

    I am ought of sorts as well---must be something in the air? Oh I know, summer! (smiles)---do try to have a beautiful day, friend.

  4. I love being able to have the windows open, but it is much too humid in the summer here to do that. October will be delightful! Hope you are feeling better soon! Hugs!

  5. Sorry you don't feel well---I am ready for cooler weather.

  6. Fresh air is always good, but it's best when it's not muggy. Hope tomorrow is better for you!