Thursday, August 13, 2015


How I wish the Golden Rule could still be taught to our children.  Any mention of God or prayer or anything religious is OUT.  Sad days.

Jesse was soooo excited this morning, ran over to our house to show us his new backpack and lunch box.  He was just rambling about his new teacher, new friends, seeing old friends, and his girlfriend #2!  I am so happy he is anxious to go but not scared at all.  Second grade here he comes.
He is dinosaur crazy, so naturally he had to have the back pack with dinosaurs on it!  He took his lunch bag out to show me, and said, "Nana, since you are old and can't see good, I will tell you what is on my lunch bag!"  I love it!!!  Murphy took him and met the teacher, and found his seat - very front seat, which the teacher doesn't know yet, but she was wise to put him there. He is a talker.

Jim got some pears from a neighbor's tree this morning, so guess what we will be doing today?  Peeling, cutting and putting in jars for pear preserves. Also, got more corn for freezer.  We shuck it, pull the strings off and put 4 in a bag and freeze.  Just to be sure it would be good, we took a package out on Monday, put in boiling water, and wa-la, still good corn.

Hint for today:
Everyone gets a basket. If you see or collect anyone’s junk throughout the house, it goes in that person’s basket. And then they’re responsible for putting it back into their rooms.

My cat for today:


  1. Second grade is so much of my favorite grade that I taught. Best wishes to Jesse for a wonderful year! Enjoy the pears.....fresh pears are so good.

  2. Awww...he is a gem, Linda!!! We have baskets (umm, I do, the "boys" have boxes--sigh rolling eyes)--that is a great idea that I use on a daily basis.

    Loveeeeeeeeee pears....have a lovely day, friend. Blessings

  3. Thankfully we have no stairs to climb, but I like the basket idea! Love the cat photo and the one of Jesse is adorable. Hope he had a good day at school! Fresh corn in the freezer sound heavenly!

  4. Aww, Jesse is just adorable. So glad he is excited to go to school!

    I love the basket idea. I wonder if it would work in my house. We leave stuff all over the place.

  5. Oh what a cutie:) I hope he had the BEST day ever! Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!

  6. I have a grandson and a granddaughter going to second grade this year. School doesn't start here until the 26th. She can't wait...he is not excited, so he says ;-)
    Wishing your Grand a fantastic year!

  7. Jesse is a great kid. I was dinosaur crazy at his age too. Still am, really. He's gonna like 2nd grade. I know I did.
    Love the basket idea. Very clever.
    Another cute cat. His motto must be "take time to smell the roses". *lol*
    Luv ~:)

  8. Jesse is so cute! Glad he's excited about school.
    I used to do the basket thing when my kids were home. It works well!

  9. School began here on Monday. How cute that Jesse described his lunch! Have a blessed day.

  10. So glad that Jesse is excited about school. I can remember what fun it was to choose a new lunch box each year: I had Barbie!