Thursday, August 20, 2015


When I came home from church last night and came to computer to check email, I found a picture of my oldest granddaughter, Aryn.  At first when I looked at it, I wasn't sure it was her, but lo and behold, it was and is.  It is one of her senior pictures taken by a local photographer.  I am so used to seeing her in a basketball or volleyball uniform, it was nice to see her in some other way.  It makes me realize it is the beginning of a new life for her....graduating from high school, going to college, and then out into the world.  A sad and happy time. As we all say, I remember the day she was born and it seems like yesterday.
Jesse went to church with us last night but he will be going to his mother's house for the rest of the week and weekend.  She and Murphy are having him every other weekend.  The divorce will be final on September 10th, and we are praying that all settles down a little after that. We are also praying she can get help and get well.  She has changed jobs 5 times since they split up, so we are praying for a job she can keep.

Hint for today - the one thing that bugs us all--------
Keep your socks together in the wash and dry process. Get some safety pins and keep them by the washing machine for your socks .Pin the toes of the socks together so you save time matching them up after the laundry process.

My cat picture for today - 
 my two babies right before bedtime last night!


  1. Aryn is beautiful! I love seeing your cats, too. Hopefully they behaved themselves during the night. One of my cats woke me up at 3 a.m. lol
    Happy that Jesse attended church with you and yes, prayers for his mom. Wishing you a good day.

  2. Aryn is beautiful! Has she decided on a college? Prayers for Jesse and peace for the family.

  3. Oh what a beautiful Granddaughter you have! I know you are proud of her and looking forward to what her future holds! I know it will be a bright one! Have a blessed day dear friend, I will pray for Jesse's Mom and that things will calm down for them all! HUGS!

  4. It's always a thrill when each sock has a pair when folding the laundry....and it happened to me just yesterday :)
    What a beautiful girl. Senior year is a whole lot of special!
    Have a great day!

  5. She is beautiful, Linda!!! Keeping her in prayer and keeping your whole family in prayer...

    Hmm...socks...we have the same issue, lol.

    Thanks for the smiles--have a lovely day, friend, storming here.

  6. I wouldn't have known that was Aryn either!! I don't think I've ever seen her in a dress with makeup on! She is beautiful. You fur-babies are beautiful, too! Have a good Thursday!!

  7. Wow! Your granddaughter is absolutely stunning! Divorce impacts everyone. Hard, I know. Yes, prayers for sure.

  8. Aryn turns out very nicely. She looks good in street clothes. I didn't recognize her either. I hope she will pick a trade and not go to college. I'm concerned they'll turn her into another Socialist, she could rack up a $100,000 debt, then have no job worthy of that debt upon graduating. Happens too frequently these days. Might wanna put that bug in her ear. Learn a trade.
    There's too much divorce anymore. Our small town newspaper is full of young people calling it quits. The saddest thing of all is how it is so devasting to children. How sad.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

    1. She goes next weekend to commit to U of Ala, Huntsville on a full ride including dorm, books, everything - basketball scholarship plus her grade point average is 3.8, which covers some of the things as well. She wants to be an accountant like her Dad....

    2. .........that is if she doesnt change her

    3. Good choice. That was my profession as well. I took night courses and learned from others. I always enjoyed accounting. ~:)

  9. Your granddaughter is beautiful! What a nice picture.

    Divorce is hard on everyone, but especially the kids. Hoping and praying that everything settles down soon.

  10. Aryn is so pretty - she looks like a model! Good for her for that scholarship.
    I do hope things settle down for Murphy, and Jesse too.
    I love your header. I've found myself in that position a time or two.

  11. Oh dear, these grand kids, they do insist on growing up but don't they turn out gorgeous! Aryn is lovely.