Monday, August 24, 2015


With school back in session, many things will begin to happen.  Flu bug, children scared if first time, bullying, etc.  I read a really good article on bullying and it prompted me to post about it this morning.

     "As children of all ages go back to school, so do the bullies. Today, let’s talk about a boy named Drew. He was born with a birthmark on his face. It’s over his right cheek and easily noticed. It’s not big but it is so obvious that some people – even though he is an adult – think it is lipstick and still try to wipe it off for him.

     People kidded him unmercifully all the way through school. Some taunted him with the nickname “Spot.” Others would sneer and tell him to wash his face. Mean stuff. Hateful. They wanted to watch him cry. He didn’t. Drew took a different tack. “Instead of seeing it as a bad thing, I chose to see it as something that made me unique and special.
     There are some other kids who can’t cope like Drew. This spring we had two kids in the Chattanooga area who made desperate yet terrible choices when they could find no other way to escape the taunts, the laughter, and the cruelty. They took their lives, snuffing away their future in a way that left everlasting pain in their wake. Drew wants to help that stop. Forever.
     Making fun of someone because they’re different from you? That’s not being tough, it’s being ignorant. Appreciate people for how they are different from you: That’s what it takes to be a friend.
     Who is the Drew guy? A Super Bowl quarterback for the New Orleans Saint, Drew Brees has played in nine Pro Bowls, led the NFL in passing yardage five different times and was the Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl XLIV (2010). Oh, and he’s in the fourth year of a five-year deal worth $100 million. He’s the one with a birth mark on his check.
     If you think it is fun or popular to hurt another person, you are wrong. If someone is hurting you in any way, tell a teacher, a coach, a principal or a cop. If you are an adult and are being bullied, you don’t have to endure it any longer. Take the steps to make it stop and if you need help a church, a police department or a courtroom, they are readily available and are good places to start.
     Parents, talk to your children about bullying. You may save their life. Students, talk to your close friends about bullying. You could also save their life. If we are going to stop the bullies, it has to start with us."


  1. I'm sure there was bullying back when I was in school, but I honestly do not remember it being an issue. I went to a very small school, so maybe that is the difference. We all knew each other and got along, I think. Why are kids becoming more and more violent and confrontational? I don't remember that we had these serious issues to deal with. It confounds me. It is sad.

  2. Bullying starts so young too. When Pierce was in first grade, I had to call the school over something that happened on the bus - an older kid told him he was going to break into our house at night and chop his head off. Pierce takes everything literally and was terrified. The school took appropriate action, and fortunately nothing else like this has happened since.

  3. Oh how I hate bullying:( I was teased as a young girl because I was SO skinny! They should see me now:) Thanks for the reminder to talk to the kiddos about this subject! Have a blessed day dear Linda, HUGS!

  4. Not being flippant but there have always been bullies and there will always be bullies. Like is suggested, the best thing to do is teach children how to deal with them. Believing in Christ helps. The biggest bully of all is the government. The more fascist it becomes, the more cruelty at the hands of strangers we'll be witnessing.
    Hope your day has been blessed. ~:)

  5. Very important post! I think it's that saddest thing and I wish all parents would really talk to their kids about the feelings of others.

  6. AMEN!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU LINDA!!!!!! I related to what happened to my son from when he was here at college---and I have to tell you, mouths dropped...bullying even exists at the college level. Blessings