Thursday, August 27, 2015


I awoke to hear someone pulling in the driveway.  I tip-toed to the window, and what did I see?  Well, not 8 tiny reindeer for sure.  It was a car, and behind the car was a police car and the policeman was out of his car, standing at the window of the other.  I have no clue what the person had done, but there is a school about 2 city blocks from our house, and he/she may have been going too fast in that zone.

I recently purchased some new curtains and a valance for the kitchen. If you know me at all, you know these are most appropriate!  This is over the sink looking out to the back yard.  And what is on the valance you ask?  COFFEE!!!

I also purchased a red tablecloth to bring out that color in the material. Some fall items came out as well!  Mmmm, good smelling items too.
It is another beautiful, blue sky, cool morning in my 'neck of the woods', and I am loving it.  We are going to see Aryn play volleyball this evening, and since it is on top of a mountain, we may even need a sweater.

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls. 
-- Mother Teresa

Hint for today:

My cat picture for today:


  1. Good luck to Aryn and her team!! Cute cat picture!

  2. Another 60* and cloudy day here, not complaining....I love your new curtains--I have some that I bought from Walmart many years ago that has Coffee, Latte etc on them as well, there brown and red (great minds think alike, lol).

    Have a beautiful day, friend. Blessings

  3. I love your cute curtains. And I love coffee! You and I both love fall and I bet your potpourri smells great. I wish Aryn and team a great game. Enjoy!

  4. Love the cat picture! I also like that idea for hanging shoes. We don't kick our shoes off at the door, but quite of few folks we know do that. This would work great! Safe travels up the mountain this evening and good luck to Aryn and her team! Your new curtains are very cute! Hugs & happy Thursday!

  5. It's warming up here after several very cool days.
    I love the valance and the coat hook. Have a fun evening!

  6. Looks like you are getting ready for fall with colors I really like.

  7. [dreamy look] Sweater ... ? I'm jealous! Please send cool weather our way.
    That does sound like a speeder. Don't worry, the uniformed tax collector will secure his pound of flesh.
    Hope your day was blessed. ~:)

  8. We live on top of a big hill. It's always cooler up here. Wasn't sweater weather for me though :) I'm not ready for Fall yet.
    Love the shoe hooks by the door!! Not sure anyone in this house would use it, haha! there would still be a pile of shoes on the floor, I'm sure.