Monday, June 1, 2015


I have trouble every morning, thinking of a title for my blog.  I guess I need to type the blog and then look back and decide on a title.

Church was really good yesterday.  Our Pastor was away in Chicago, holding the funeral for a long time friend, so his son brought the message, both morning and evening.  This young man is so knowledgeable to be as young as he is....21. The messages he brought were definitely intended to make us think, and think I did.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the final move takes place today.  It is keeping my son, as well as us, on pins and needles. He plans to have the locks changed before he heads to the beach Thursday morning.

I think several of you probably saw the post on Facebook about my oldest granddaughter, but in case you didn't, you can see why we are so proud and happy for her:
     "Congratulations Aryn Sanders on making BOP (Best of Prep) for track and field! What an incredible finish to your Junior Year! ALL STATE in 3 sports, State runner up in Volleyball. First ever district championship in bball for SM,(her school) District MVP, River City Sports Offensive basketball POY(Player of the year), BOP in basketball and Track, National High School Coaches Association Academic All American, Member of the FASTEST 4x2 relay team in all divisions of state of TN and 6th in State in Pentathlon! MULTI SPORT ATHLETES HAVE BECOME A THING OF THE PAST, but you have shown it can be done and your goals still reached! Can't wait for your senior year and what is to come! You are special and the Lord has blessed you with many talents! Go Aryn and Go Eagles!"

A new item I am going to begin posting to my daily blog, is 'the cat picture of the day'.


  1. Keeping your son in prayer...beach...he is forgetting us, LOLOL. Congrats to Aryn. I am so glad you have a wonderful church. BTW, I love your blog background, beautiful. Have a lovely day, Linda. Blessings

  2. Praying that all goes smoothly today.
    I love your header photo and the kitty pic of the day. So very sweet.
    Thank you for sharing with us about Aryn. Congrats to her.
    Thankful that you had a blessed Sunday. May God bless you and yours.

  3. Our pastor is only 27. Young people bring a different perspective on things.

    Congrats to Aryn! Good work.

    Praying for your son and his family.

  4. We had a great service yesterday also! Cute little Kitty pic:) I pray that all goes well today and I am sure the beach will help:) Have a blessed day, congrats to Aryn! I know you are proud! HUGS!

  5. Congratulations to your granddaughter! What an outstanding young lady. I do hope all is going well for your son. Hugs to you.

  6. Perhaps a trip to the beach will revive Son. Hope so. And it's VERY wise to change the locks. Good thinking on his part. You go Aryn! I pray that you are stress free and enjoying the evening. Luv ~:)

  7. Cheers for Aryn! What an accomplished young woman and prayers for many more. I know I'll be enjoying your cat pictures.

  8. LOVE your cat picture of the day! Aryn is such a talented young woman! Her senior year will be amazing! Hoping the move happened!!

  9. Awww - cute picture!
    I've been praying for your son and family. Hope today went ok.
    Congrats to Aryn!