Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Good Wednesday to all.  

We had our grandson Jesse for several hours last night and really do enjoy him being here.  He is sooo smart, and like most children today, can do anything on the computer. He and I  hunted games to download on my other laptop, so he could entertain himself on the way to the beach!

He found the ones he wanted and all we need to do now is find some movies and put them on the laptop too, and he will be set.  It is about a 6 hour drive from here, and he was calculating how many games or how many movies he could watch in that time length!

Was surfing the net again and found the following picture---
What is so special about this picture you ask?  lol  I saw something in this picture that I have also.  A dear, dear friend/cousin in law died several years ago, and her daughter brought this item to me and said 'Momma wanted you to have this'.  She had gotten it from her great, great grandmother, so it was special to her, and now special to me. Do you see it?
At the side of Murphy's house, he has a row of what we call 'ditch lilies'.  They come back every year and really are pretty.  And as they are UT (University of Tennessee) orange, they are even prettier!
And last but not least, a picture of me and Jim many many years ago.  You gotta 'luv' my dress!  It was taken some 50 years ago, when we were dating, and he was being silly of course.

My cat picture of the day

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life! 
~Albert Einstein


  1. Oh my Linda!!!! You and Jim are so lovely!! I see your son in your hubby too. Jesse is just so cute!!!! (big smiles)--thanks for sharing, Linda. Have a lovely Wednesday. (and I sure hope Jesse and Murphy take pics of the beach trip! smiles)--Blessings

  2. Kids are sure smart these days! I know that Jesse will have a great time, a smile is for sure happening wherever he is:) Cute pic of you and the HUBBY! Love looking at old pictures! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Good Morning and I love the photo of you and Jim. Sounds like Jesse is all set for his trip. Glad he got to spend some quality time with you. Have a nice day.

  4. What a great photo of you and Jim.

  5. It's so fun to look back so thanks for sharing your photo of you and Jim!! Jesse is such a cute little man! He will have a blast at the beach, and getting there will be so easy with your computer and all the things you have downloaded for him! The orange flowers are so pretty against the brick! Love the white cat and those awesome blue eyes! Sending hugs!

  6. Have a great beach trip! It is about 6 hours for us as well. Love the cat picture. And that is quite a wonderful keepsake :-)

  7. Good idea about downloading the games and movies for Jesse. He'll be happy for hours. My "old" Dell computer had a power cord for using in a vehicle. That really comes in handy. I used that computer for cemetery surveying for compiling all my FindAGrave genealogy research. My hands/wrists hurt too much for a lot of typing now but it was enjoyable while it lasted.
    Y'all are a cute couple! It's fun to see how we looked Back In The Day, isn't it. Share those pics anytime!
    That a pretty kitten. Hope y'all and the cats are doing well.
    Luv ~:)

  8. Glad you had a good time with Jesse. I'm sure he'll enjoy those movies and games on the drive.
    Love the pic of you and Jim!

  9. What a lovely picture of you and Jim. I'm sure it brings back a lot of wonderful memories for you :)

  10. You kids are just as cute as can be!