Thursday, June 4, 2015


I needed some peace and quiet, and the picture of the water running over the rocks, is very peaceful to me.  My nighttime sound machine has one as a creek flowing and it helps me to fall asleep.  Water is just very calming to me.

Praise the Lord, the troubles next door are nearly over.  We kept Jesse all afternoon, and he is a 'live wire'.  His Mother was supposed to pick him up around noon yesterday, but she didn't show.  She called and Jesse told her he wanted to stay and go to church with us last night, and he did.

Murphy's garden is doing well.  He had several friends over yesterday evening to look at it, and he seemed happy to explain it all.

He and his Dad and friends are leaving at 4 AM tomorrow, and it should be quiet around here.  I know why God gave children to young people, because it is all I can do to keep up.

Jim fell in the driveway and I just happened to look out the door and saw him laying there.  Murphy came over and lifted him up.  He tore his arm and knee really bad.  We got him in the house and I cleaned and bandaged him.  He is really sore and said he had pain as well.  Bless his heart, I am so thankful that he didnt break a bone. 

Nothing would do him, but he was going to church last night.  He found one of his long sleeved shirts to wear, covering the bandages and we made it just fine.

Today, he and I have appointments with our primary care doctor for regular check ups. We go every 3 months for that, and the doc can keep up with our health problems.

My cat picture for today-


  1. Oh no about Jim...praying that healing will be quick. Hmm...on Jesse mother....I will keep those comments to myself. I hope they have fun at the beach (I'm screaming, TAKE ME TAKE ME TAKE ME) LOL--Keeping you in prayer. (ps love Murphy's garden!!!!) Blessings

  2. So sorry about Jim's fall. Is he trying to go without his walker or a cane and that is why is fell? Joe has fallen a couple of times and it is scary. It's good that Murphy and Jesse are getting away for a little vacation. His garden looks wonderful. You will be eating good all summer!!

  3. Thank goodness you looked outside when you did. Poor man could have laid there for some time if you hadn't been so conscientious. And thankfully, no permanent damage. Praise the Lord for small miracles.
    Well, Jesse's mom lost out by not picking him up on time. I'm sure he prefers your company anyway.
    Nice garden. I'm jealous. Our plants are already reaching the end of their life and it needs to be replanted.
    Y'all stay safe! Luv ~:)

  4. Oh no! I'm sure he was happy you were there and and looked outside! I'm sorry to hear this about Jim! What a nasty fall. Oh and your little live wire, they are adorable and so much fun, but a nap is always in order when they leave!
    Thanks for dropping in too see me! Next time I'll watch for you and have some iced tea ready!

  5. I know what you mean about kids are for young people. I love the kids in my Wednesday night class but they wear me out!

    So glad Jim wasn't too badly hurt. We do have our problems with our husbands falling don't we? I know exactly what you are going through since I am going through the same thing. Tell him I said no more falling please.

  6. Hi Linda, I'm very sorry about Jim's fall. I am thankful he did not break anything but still, it is terrible that he is in pain. I am thankful that Murphy is there to assist when these accidents happen. Oh, I love his garden! Makes me hungry. I hope your dr. appts. went smoothly and that you are not too tired. God bless your evening and safe travel for your son/grandson. xo

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about the fall. I'm thankful he didn't break any bones.

  8. Sorry about the fall...Good thing he has a lovely, competent nurse around! : )
    Blessings to you for peace and calm...
    Have a cozy evening, my friend.

  9. So glad Jim is ok, other than skin tears. It is scary.
    Hope the trip goes well. Murphy's garden looks wonderful!

  10. Hi, thanks for your visit and nice comments. I'm glad you saw your Jim when you did, horrible to think he may have lain there for a while if you hadn't.
    The garden looks good, can Murphy come and do mine?


  11. I hope Jim is doing better. Take care of yourself....caretakers have stress, also.

  12. SAD FACE about Jim falling:( I pray he will feel better and I too am happy that there weren't any broken bones! Gorgeous garden! My tomatoes are really growing, can't wait for a red one:) Enjoy your day dear friend! I am waiting on my Granddaughters to get up, so we can get the day started! I think we both agree, Grandchildren are a HUGE blessing!!

  13. It has to be scary to have Jim fall. Hope he knows what happened. So glad that he had an appointment already scheduled. We do tend to fret over our men. I'm sure they fret over us, too. Sounds as if you were able to do God's work with your guest.