Thursday, June 25, 2015


What ever it is called, this blog is it!

Our Pastor is beginning a series on the End Times.  I am always interested in learning more about what we will be facing in the near future.  If things continue to go crazy, it won't be long.

Our oldest and her family are in Disney World.  They had been before, and thought they would take one more trip before the girls got too big to really enjoy it.  Aryn seems to be 'into it', but Grayce is in that period where she wants to take the pictures, not be in them.
The rain we had last night did give us a little relief from the miserable temperatures. Just hoping it remains that way for a few days.  It is no fun being outside, even if just going to the mailbox.

Speaking of being outside.  I found this that a friend had posted and thought I would share.  It is definitely timely!  Anti-Mosquito Insect repellent for babies and sensitive skin.  

In the tube, it is expensive, but this one isn't and can be bought through Amazon.

I recommend---------
     Caramel Macchiato creamer for your coffee.  My sweet, wise, nice friend in NY, Linda(Just Simply Linda) uses it and had me wanting to give it a try.  Had this morning, and yummmmmmmmmm, she is right!
     Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream-----------
Check it out if you are interested.

Hint for the day:

....and last but not least....
My cat picture for today


  1. Oh my the cat picture is something else, LOLOL. Hey, thanks for the shout out---I don't know about the wise thing though,lol. I am so upset right now over stupidity--never mind--love the header, try to stay cool, not that warm here, actually it is like 75* and no humidity today. (ducking, giggling)---Blessings

  2. LOL - that is one fluffy cat!! Keep us posted on your Pastor's messages. I love caramel macchiato so best I stay away from it! Glad you got some relief from the high temps. We just get steamier when it rains.

  3. We buy it in ice coffee--- -- It helps to keep my mind off how crazy
    this place U>S>A> is getting, I think the TV is going to stay off. Our pastor has told us to increase our Bible study so we want be caught off guard because it is going to get much worse( bad, and more evil) .

  4. I follow Simply Linda and she has made me crave that creamer too!!! That is the fluffiest, most relaxed cat ever! We had a light rain last night and it cooled things off for us too. Looking forward to Sat. when they say we will get more rain.

  5. That is one BIG cat. Abe likes the creamer, Almond Joy flavor, in the dairy case. I don't drink coffee or hot tea. We have a reunion this Sunday, it use to be, my sister and I would see who could out do each other in the dishes we would make to take. Now I travel as light as possible. So I will be making Shoe Peg Corn Salad, Brownies and pick up the fried chicken. I know in the past, when I make up a relish tray, I come home with almost all of it. No one wants raw vegetables. And I'm not going to make any gooey desserts, would have to find room in my frig, and when we got a new one this past Winter, we went a size smaller, so I don't have as much room in the frig part or the freezer part, but enough for most of the time. Tonight I'm going to fix the Trio Italiano pasta, there's three different shapes. San Giorgio makes it. I use canned sauce to which I add a little sugar. I like the Garden Combo. Have the cole slaw made and also strawberries cut up and sugared. When they get here, we only need to cook the pasta and warm the sauce, set out olives and bread and butter pickles. Usually we have tossed salad, but we just had that the other night and cole slaw sounded better to me. And of course, no home made short cake, got the little cake like cups to put berries over. Have a nice evening.

  6. The creamer sounds really good. In the evenings I've been making ice coffee with decaf, sweetened with Splenda, topped with whipped cream. YUM!
    Officially, our country now longer exists. It's our last days, even if our Lord delays even longer.
    Now that is one big cat.
    Luv ~:)

  7. I learn so many good tips from your blog! The cat picture today really took me by surprise.

  8. That is one big cat!
    We had an end times series last year. Very interesting and I agree - we are close!