Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Good morning!  We are half way through the week and the heat is getting to us.  When I say that, I think back to the past when we were freezing to death, and longing for summer.  Humans are never satisfied, are they?

Hint for the day:

Sunday School class meeting was good, especially the food!  We had beef roast, green beans, macaroni salad, creamed corn, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers, iced tea, pound cake and a pecan/caramel pie!!!  We ate first and then had prayer for the needs of friends and families.  Lots of laughter, friendship and business taken care of for another month.

Odds and ends to take care of today and church tonight.  Stay as cool as possible and have a good day.

My cat picture for today:


  1. Oh girl, it is HOT here too! It just takes my breath away to get out of the house! I think I am getting too old for this heat:) Have a blessed day and try to stay cool! HUGS!

  2. Yeah, it is quite warm here in NY too. I am glad you had a good time last night, the meal sounds delish. Stay cool, Linda, I have not been out of the house in a few days, but will have too --needing to go grocery shopping. Blessings

  3. You are so right ,I complain when cold when to hot, and forget to say thanks when it is just right. Hope your day is just right.

  4. I really like the hint today, it's nice to get connected to a real person when making a call!

  5. Love the cat picture! It reminds me of my sweet Onyx kitty- RIP. The meal at your SS class sounds amazingly delicious! Oh my! Love your colorful teacup background, Linda!

  6. I adore your background and the cat image!!! Glad you could enjoy fellowship with your church friends. That pie you mentioned sounds so good! Take care in the heat. xo

  7. I think I have a very small level of comfort. I far too quickly complain about being cold or hot!
    Your SS dinner sounds so good and I know the fellowship was too!

  8. It is life sucking hot down this way. Wish it would rain again.
    The list of food is making me hungry. I wouldn't mind having some pound cake right now. Yum!
    Y'all stay cool.
    Luv ~:)

  9. Heat is energy sapping for sure! Oh my...that food list does sound spectacular. Nice to have a meal before tackling the task at hand.