Tuesday, May 19, 2015


My baby kitty took over my chair last night, and looks like she is saying...'go away, leave me alone'...
Al Sharpton's daughter has sued the city of New York for millions, for a sprained ankle.  I want to be next if she gets it!
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Garden is coming along nicely........
 The area with the pen over it, is strawberries, 
and he had to put a cage to keep the birds and deer out!
The scarecrow isn't doing a good job.
Our Christmas tree from year before last, 
has finally got some new growth on it.  
Aryn is pictured with winners of some other events. She participated in the Pentathlon, of which she got #6 in the Sectionals. She won State last year, so we are hoping she can repeat this Thursday. She absolutely can do anything she sets her mind to.  I told her we loved watching her, and even if it was a contest to dig ditches, she would win!  She said in this picture, she was the 'token white girl'!  lol

A prayer request:  My son and his soon to be ex, are going to tell their little boy, Jesse, about their separation and pending divorce, tomorrow.  Please pray for this little fellow.  We know he won't really understand and it will be very hard on him for a long time.  Their daughter already knows, and she is 16. Jesse is 7.
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  1. Oh Linda!!!! I had no idea about your son...keeping you and your family in prayer, I am so sorry.

    As for Charlatan Sharpton (we have another name for him: Shake Down)--his daughter will get it, or half of it, NYC is in talks with her. Shaking my head....

    I love the tree and your garden. Blessings

    1. They are?! Good heavens. The mayor and the Sharptons must be in cahoots. Have you seen how disabled she is? Mountain climbing and wearing high heels? Unbelievable.

  2. I wonder if Sharpton's daughter will help him pay his back taxes with her windfall? Prayers for your family.....

  3. Prayers and love for your intention Linda...
    And hope for a peaceful, cozy day. : )
    P.S. Flynn loves you header today!!!!!

  4. Some people's children...Al Sharpton's that is.

    Your kitty does look very content in your spot. I dare not leave mine for fear the pug will grab it on this chilly day.

    Divorce is always unsettling. I will pray that your son and his soon to be ex will work together for the good of their children. You are going to play an important role, too. Praying for all.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your son and his wife. I said a prayer as soon as I read your post. Hugs to you!

  6. Such a precious kitty! I often lose my favorite chair too!!!
    I will be praying for your family, especially the 7 yr old. He is young to have to go through this but he is blessed to have you in his life...we know that God hears our prayers.

  7. The Sharpton's are just shaking down the racists in NYC. They're mayor is an out and out communist. Even married a negro so he wouldn't prove he was racist (although marrying someone for that reason is a racist, right!?) Anyway, NYC deserve it. Those people are savages.
    So sorry to hear about the family problems. I do pray that this couple can somehow reconcile at least long enough to get the kids grown. It breaks my heart to hear about so many broken homes. Those kids are gonna need a whole lot of Grandma & Grandpa time. Poor things.
    Congrats to Aryn. And your garden looks really good! We've been eating from ours now for some time. It's nice having a garden again.
    Prayers for you all. Luv ~:)

  8. Your kitty is so cute. Mine would do the same thing. They do run the house after all.

    Your garden is looking good!

    So sorry about your son. Prayers going up for this family. I remember when my parents told me they were getting divorced. I was 3.

  9. Al Sharpton and all his cronies make me mad!
    Praying for your family - that is such a hard thing.