Sunday, May 10, 2015


The first picture is of my Mother and her Dad.  The second is my Mother's Mother, and my Grandmother. The third is of my Mother, holding Murphy.
My Mother
I have mentioned before, my Mother died when she was 60 and I was 34.  I did have those wonderful 34 years with her.  When I recall, it is only happy, fun times with her.  She took very good care of me as a single parent.

We also lived with my Grandmother from the time I was 3 years old, so I actually had two wonderful Mothers while growing up.
 My Grandmother

I remember one saying my Mother told me, and have actually passed it down to my children, and my oldest said she had already said it to her oldest!

"No matter what you have done or are doing, 
I have already been there and done that.  
Call me at any hour of the day or night, 
and I will be there, no questions asked."

My Mother loved and encouraged me every single day.  I learned very early on, that manners, respect and love were lessons for a life.

A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.
 ~Author Unknown


  1. Thank you for sharing your treasured photos. May God richly bless you this Mother's Day.

  2. I've seen your mom's photo before, but I don't remember seeing your grandma's photo. Both lovely ladies and I can see them in you! Happy Mother's Day, Linda!! Sending a hug!

  3. Beautiful. I say the same thing to Liam, btw. Happy Mothers Day!!!!! Blessings (and thanks for the smiles)

  4. What a nice tribute to your Mom and Grandma. They did good!
    I enjoyed the pictures too.

  5. Treasures, the photos and the people in them!! You are blessed.

  6. Such great photos, Linda! I love the saying that your mom used to say. I truly believe in those words and I know my kids told me that they always felt safe knowing that we are always going to be there for them no matter what the situation is...unconditional love!! Happy belated Mother's Day!!