Thursday, April 23, 2015


I thought when the cell phones became a 'growth to our bodies', there would still be times when we shouldn't or wouldn't have to use them.  

Should schools not allow their use in classrooms? Should they be allowed during the lunch period? Every child I see these days, has a cell phone and are 'on' it.  'On' it to text, 'on' it to play games, 'on' it to take pictures. When do they have time to do anything else?

I do like technology; I am not a mean old grandmother, but there surely has to be a limit. You cannot go anywhere now that the cell phone is not taking up everyone's time. The person you sit by, the person at the bus stop, the person at the grocery, even in church, and while driving, which is almost a death sentence.

We have lost the ability to talk.

Smartphones have already replaced
 cameras, calendar, notebooks, alarm clocks, etc. in our lives, 
don't let them replace you in your family.


  1. AMEN, Sister! Over the top rudeness in my book is interrupting our conversation because of the cell phone in your hand. I walk away--I must not be important to you!

  2. I know just what you mean. It is hard to find someone at the library where I work who is NOT on their cellphone. Even our employees! In some ways technology is good. I enjoy my cellphone and use it a lot. But my whole life doesn't revolve around it. Nice post Linda.

  3. My husband and I had a similar conversation about cellular phones this morning. It seems so many people are glued to their phone. It's quite sad.

  4. Agree!!!!!
    Have a great day, my friend!

  5. Such good advice!! Joe and I were out to dinner last night, at a fairly nice restaurant, and there was a table of four ADULTS sitting close to us. Each one had their phone out and were not paying a bit of attention to each other. Crazy!! Nothing is that important that we should be ignoring the people we are physically with!!

  6. This is a sore subject with us too! We like technology but refuse to get a Smartphone or whatever it's called. Having a computer and a cell phone that makes/receives phone calls is enough.

    Just my opinion but children for sure should NOT have cell phones or computers. Period. When you're young, it's important to learn how to communicate properly, to have people skills and be good at problem solving. Many young people do not have these skills now. I think it's lazy parenting.

    Hope your day is a happy one. ~:)

  7. I still say the cell phone should be for emergencies only. Not at the supper table, not at school, unless the child had to call a parent to get home, if they miss the bus. It's amazing us older generation is still alive, without having all the things kids now a days have. Yes they are losing their ability to visit with their own families.

    Hope you and Jim are doing ok. It's cool here again today, think I'm going to have to either move more or put on a sweater. I need to run the sweeper, that should warm me up. LOL Thank you for your visits.

  8. I agree! They sure shouldn't have them on in class. I think adults are almost just as bad though!

  9. I agree. We have a plain ole cell phone and ONLY use it for emerg. when we are away from home. Every time we go out to eat, we notice entire family's with each individual engrossed in their cell phone/ Dinner when I was a child was when we had prayer, and enjoyed catching up with one another's day. Things have sure changed!
    Thanks for your sweet comment about the kitties...they are a lot of company for us. Have a good night; remembering you and yours in prayer.

  10. I think cell phones should have to stay in backpacks at school! No lunch phones.