Friday, April 24, 2015

Apparently, according to science, the ring finger shows how much testosterone you were exposed to while you were growing in the womb, which I guess can have an effect on your personality.

Check it out!

To see the length of your ring finger, outstretch your fingers and match your hand to the diagrams below. If you fall under "A", it means your ring finger is long, "B" means your ring finger is shorter and "C" means your ring finger is even to the index finger.

 This ugly, wrinkled, arthritic hand belongs to me. I had to take a picture to determine if I am A, B, or C.
Seems I am an "A".

  What are you?


  1. I think I am a C. Not sure because none of these fit my hand exactly. I am a peacelover though.

  2. I think I am C! Very interesting! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  3. I'm definitely an A. My ring finger is longer than my index finger on both hands.

  4. I'm also an "A". Attended a retiree luncheon today. See the lawyer again next week, hope this then will close my Mother's Estate. I can't imagine the hassle if you really have a large estate.
    Have a great evening and week-end. Hoping it warms up a little tomorrow.

  5. I'm an A on one hand, a C on the other. The description of C fits me best.

  6. Hi Linda! I'm trying to catch up a bit with my friends here. I hope to get to everyone on my list sometime today or tomorrow. I'm a C and I believe the description fits me quite well. Very interesting!