Thursday, March 12, 2015

The forecast is for 1/2 day of sunshine, and the other half, rain again.  So, we left at 7:30 to take my car to get two new tires put on and balanced.  We have needed to do this for a couple of weeks, but every time we could, it was pouring rain, so we took advantage of this morning.

It was so good to go to church last night and be able to see clearly.  We sit near the back and I could see the Pastor and choir clear as a bell!

As we went out yesterday evening, someone had left a little red sack on the porch.  Jim picked it up and looked in, and found two big Hersey Kisses!

When we got to church, we found out that our Pastor's Mother and Dad had left them on our porch. They are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. She is a 'hugger' and he always has a sweet smile on his face and is a 'hand shaker'! They just moved here from West Virginia and live about 5 houses up from us. There are still some really good people on earth.

Hope your Thursday is good and you have the chance to make someone smile.


  1. They are sweet people! People can give me those kinds of kisses anytime. *giggle* It's nice that they are neighbors too. How truly fortunate all around. Love the graphics. Very cute.
    Have a warm, happy day. Luv ~:)

  2. What a nice surprise to find on your porch!! Yum!! So glad you can see clearly now (didn't they write a song about that? :) ) I like the bling on your background!

  3. What a sweet gift, REALLY sweet:) Hershey Kisses are my FAVORITE! I know you enjoyed your Church time! Beautiful Church! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. What a nice gift! I am so happy to see you back online! You have been missed, my friend. Blessings (I take it the surgery went well?)

    1. Yes Linda, 20/20 in right eye and 20/25 in left. Couldnt be much better at 73 years old! Hugs

  5. How thoughtful to leave the giant chocolate kisses on your porch for you. What a "sweet" thing to do!

  6. Good people do indeed still exist, my friend!!!
    And it is no surprise you are blessed by them, as I am sure they are by you.
    Here's to many more sunny days ahead! : )

  7. It's nice to see your church. It's very pretty!
    The kisses were such a sweet surprise.

  8. Those kisses are yummy treats! What a great surprise!

  9. Nice surprise! We live close to Hershey, PA. When I was a kid you could your the actual chocolate factory. Now they have Chocolate World. Our Little Grands love to go there.
    So happy you could go to church!
    Blessings to you!

  10. That's a sweet sweet surprise. I hope someone leaves a box of chocolates on my way out the church/chapel. :D

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  11. Great post! Glad you were able to get your tires serviced during a dry spot in the day. I am waiting for a dry spot to clean the garden debris and put down some manure and top soil. That is supposed to be Monday, the only day of sunshine in the entire week. Well that is what the forecast is but today it stopped raining and the sun came out. That was a nice surprise but could not plan to work outside due to the surprise. Enjoy your Spring.