Thursday, February 19, 2015


I believe the header cartoon is just perfect for this day and time, don't you?  It is sad that we have to be so careful what we say or write, not to offend anyone. In other words, however you feel, or what you think is best kept to yourself. Don't dare let anyone know or they will picket you by the end of the day.

This is the Delta Queen Riverboat and it has been docked in Chattanooga for the past three years.  It was advertised as a floating hotel.  But it has gone downhill and needs major upgrades and repairs.  Chattanooga had asked the owner to remove her since she was not profitable as she is now. Finally a company has purchased her and she will head south to Louisiana to be repaired, etc.

This year we definitely have 'winter'.  We normally have some cold days (32F maybe) but this year, 'old man winter' came to visit and seems to be hanging around.  Snow, black ice, schools closed, businesses closed, roads not good for travel, and the end is not in the near future.  We are surrounded by 2 mountains, Lookout and Signal, and Missionary Ridge, so when the snow comes, it stays.  It was 12F when I got up and the high is to be in the low 20's.  That is cold to us. I know yours is much colder, but this is definitely different for us.

Stay safe and warm and have a good winter day!



  1. It was -3, now it's 3. They cancelled school because of the extreme temps and some kids having to walk in this chilly weather. I am ready for Spring time. Tomorrow is my 6 month check up with my heart doctor, probably an EKG to see how my a Fib is doing. Daughter will drive me to the appointment, it's only about 10 miles from us. She drops me off at the door and then parks the car, I take my walker and start moving in to where it's warmer. Then we'll stop at Kroger's, on the way home and I'll pick up a few things. Never got our drive way cleared off this time. Neighbor didn't do his either and I don't blame him, it's been too darn cold. Sun shining is deceiving, it's still cold out there. Tonight is pasta night, daughter is going to bake a cake, and bring some salad. I hated to get the car full of snow that would melt all over the garage floor, so she said she will pick up some ice for water and also some salad, she'll be out today anyway. Our garage is attached to the house so I try to keep all the drips cleaned up, but that can be quite a job in this weather. Hope you two are keeping warm.

  2. The riverboat looks like it has a lot of potential. I hope they can get it fixed and in good working order again soon.

  3. Love the riverboat! Glad it's being taken care of.
    That is cold. It's so cold and windy here in eastern PA. I'm so ready for Spring!!

  4. It is a crying shame that the world has become over sensitive to things that don't matter and yet doesn't worry about their eternal salvation, which does. It's all upside down.
    It's even bitter cold in SE Georgia this week. I'm having to wear long underwear, warm cap, gloves and a muffler just to check the mail (the box is 350' from the house). Brrr! Hope y'all stay safe and warm. When's your next eye surgery? I pray that all goes well.
    Luv from the frozen South. *tee hee* ~:)

  5. Catching up! Hope you stayed safe and warm through the bad weather!