Friday, February 20, 2015


There really is beauty everywhere, every season of the year.  Yes, it is cold, yes we have to stay indoors more, but what if you were looking through a window and saw the title picture.  You surely would have to say, God makes all things beautiful...all things!

The prediction today is for rain and warmer temps. I need to get a new humidifier. The one I have has been a good one, but died on me during the night.  I awoke with a stuffed up nose and my mouth was so dry, my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth!

I don't know if it is the weather or what, but my 2 cat babies have really been acting up.  They are obsessed with getting into the bathroom.  I realize that some cats like to sleep in closed places and the bathroom sink fits the bill.  Mine, however, want to play with the shower curtain, knock over anything that is on the counter, and on and on. From there, it is either pull things down or knock over anything in the utility room.  The more I punish them, the more they do.  Sounds like a disobedient child, doesn't it?

I started typing my thoughts on President Obama, but after doing so, I realized no one would want to know what I think or feel, so you are lucky....not doing that!  lol

Corned beef and cabbage is what we want tonight, so off to get those ingredients in a little bit.  The sky is bright blue and it 'looks' like a spring day.  Of course that is misleading, it is brrrrr. Thus, an early trip to the store.

Be safe, be warm, and hold good thoughts....spring will arrive soon....we hope!


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  1. Well...I will listen to you about Obama...oh and it was minus 40 here this morning...still very cold. Not sure what's for dinner, my husband bought me a new computer for my birthday today ( bd next month) and I am trying to teach myself the new computer...anyways...I have dearly missed you this past week. Beef and cabbage sound good, btw. Blessings

  2. Homemade pizza was for supper here. Looking forward to more snow and some ice tonight. *sigh*

  3. I'll listen to thoughts on the man who calls himself "Obama" (real name Barry Soetoro). I also feel ill towards the people who voted for him and still think he's wonderful! They must be damned. It's truly sad.
    This winter has made me grateful we never moved further North as we had once planned. It's getting a bit boring since it's difficult to be outside for any length of time.
    Luv ~:)

  4. Your dinner sounds delicious! I hope spring comes to you soon! It sounds like you have your hands full with those naughty cats :)

  5. Well, your thoughts on Obama would be my thoughts on Obama, and I would not mind reading what you have to say...I would agree!!

    Trying to catch up on blogs. Corned beef and cabbage sound so good!!