Saturday, January 17, 2015


No. 1:  I love my cats, both of them.  They are entertaining, loving, and one of them is easy to take care of, day in and day out.  The other one, Spotty, may be the death of me yet!  Literally!  She gets into EVERYTHING in the house. Somehow she is able to open doors, and her favorite thing now is to climb to the top of the drapes in the living room.  Punish her you say. We have sprayed her with water, spanked her with a rolled up newspaper, made her stay in her 'room' (the utility room) and nothing works. She is very cute and funny, but she is driving Jim and I nuts!  She is just barely 6 months old and all I can do is pray she calms down with age.  I called the vet yesterday to see about getting her declawed on her front paws, but with all that has to be done, to do that, costs more than we want to spend. We will just have to put up with her antics until she grows up!  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

No. 2:  We went to Aryn's basketball game last night and it was a heart stopping game. It came down to the last 10.1 seconds of the game and the other team was ahead by 1 point.  Aryn's team got the ball and one of the girls 'flew' down the floor, passed the ball to Aryn and she made it just as the buzzer sounded. It was in the air which made it count when it went in.  The other team is their big rival, so it made the win twice as sweet.  You may not be interested, but there was a really good write up of the game and it mentioned her several times.

Jim has gone to the Men's Prayer Breakfast at the church, with his 2 dozen cinnamon rolls in hand.  We have no other plans today.



  1. Well, Spotty is just being a kitten, and she will settle down. You can clip her claws (please don't have her de-clawed) or buy the little glue on rubber covers if you have to. The newspaper swat doesn't work on cats because they don't understand. The spray bottle is the best, but you have to be persistent with the behavior and the spray for it to sink in. If she doesn't mind the water, it won't work either. I imagine she will be bored with climbing the curtains soon. Once they figure out there is no place to go when they get to the top, they lose interest. Good luck!!

    Congrats again to Aryn and her team!! Awesome write up and she is a superior athlete, indeed. I am always interested in your grands!

  2. For No. 1, I would try clipping her toenails. We had a Siamese Short Hair named Tasha that was just that mischievous. We just had to wait her out plus give her things to climb, claw and tear up. I know, it's aggravating! I totally sympathize.

    No. 2, CONGRATS to Aryn. What a heart stopping finally to the evening.

    Hope your day is happy and stressfree. Luv ~:)

  3. If you find a solution to the cat problem that works....let me know
    Congrats to Aryn....victory is sweet...!!

  4. Awww...I /we don't have any cats, I am allergic to long hair cats, sad to say. Congrats to your grandaughter. Blessings

  5. Aryn is so gifted! Glad Jim was able to go to the breakfast.

  6. Congratulations to your Aryn! I'm amazed to hear about a cat that can open doors!!