Monday, December 8, 2014

Is there EVER any good news on TV any more?  I may have to put my 'no TV news' back in force.  I did that a couple of years ago.  When I turned on the TV and it was either local or national news, I immediately changed channels or turned off the TV.  No, I don't feel I have my head stuck in the sand, I just get sick and tired of all the mayhem in my country these days.  It seems to get worse every day.  Lord, is it about time for you to come back?

I managed to get 1/2 of my cards addressed and delivered to the church post office last night. There were 22 cards in my p.o. box. Also, I picked two additional ornaments from the Angel Tree. I wouldn't want any child to be at the party and not have a gift to open. Fortunately, I found a big, bright red, very soft, fluffy blanket for the girl, aged 10-12, and the other one was for a boy 0-1.  I found some really small stuffed animals and I bought 5 of them.

More Memories---------------
One of the memories I have is of Christmas morning.  This would be after the belief that Santa brought the gifts.  Remember now, there were 5 of us....Mother, Grandmother, two Aunts and 1 Uncle and me.  The unspoken rule was whoever woke up first, went to the rooms of the others and woke them, BUT no one was allowed to go to the living room until everyone was up and awake; guess who always seemed to wake up first - ME!  We all met in the hall, and went in at the same time.  Everyone got a surprise together.

We always opened our gifts first, enjoyed and talked about them, before we even started breakfast.  When I got married, Jim's family always had breakfast first and then went to living room to open gifts.  That is the way we still do it today. The young ones are sure 'antsy' until we finish eating.

Christmas afternoon and evening was spent at home, enjoying our gifts and each other. So many people now go out to movies, shopping where available (bah humbug), but this was definitely family time for us.




  1. I agree now the "news" thing......about all i watch is the local weather and even it's bad....!!

  2. When I was "little" we had the same rule...who ever woke up first woke up the others. Then, we all went to the living room to open presents, although Santa did not wrap his presents. We then spent the afternoon and night visiting with family, and if it was "warm"...not really....outside, we played touch football. But since moving to Florida, I've found that hardly anyone stays inside after the festivities. Lots of walking and other outdoor activities.

  3. Your memory of waking others is much like mine. I was also the one to wake first and get my parents up and my brother out of bed. We always opened gifts before breakfast as Santa's gifts were not wrapped and so could not possibly wait until after we ate LOL!

  4. I really enjoyed reading about your Christmas morning memories. There doesn't seem to be much good news on the television these days and I rarely ever watch the news because of it. I'm glad you took 2 more ornaments from the Angel Tree - those precious children will indeed feel loved by your kindness.

  5. Looking at your picture of the silver Christmas tree with the glass ornaments and rotating colored lights sure brings back a lot of childhood memories. I was an only child, so, it was just me on Christmas morning. I made a bee line for the gift, of course. My favorite memory is the year I got a 3 speed bicycle. After that I was hardly home. I was out peddling all around Titusville (Florida), putting literally miles on the bike nearly every day. Those where the days.
    I'm sure the gifts for the children will be very appreciated. May the Lord bless y'all for your kindness.
    Luv ~:)

    1. Only child here too my friend. Miss reading blogs from you. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  6. Yes, the news is certainly depressing.
    We always had church on Christmas morning, so we opened gifts on Christmas eve.

  7. I agree about the news. I also don't read the front section of the newspaper. It all just makes me angry and sad.

    We also were not allowed to go to the tree until everyone was awake and ready. We didn't have to eat breakfast first, thank goodness! LOL

    I need to get started on my cards this week!