Friday, November 28, 2014


We had snow on Halloween and snow on Thanksgiving, now can we please have snow on Christmas, and lots of it?

We are fortunate that our family all lives in the same city and it isn't too hard to drive, even with snow on the ground.  If you have ever been to or lived in the south in winter, snow means a flake or two.  The plows and sand trucks load up and are ready to go! But just to see those flakes falling is a treat for us.

We had a blessed day yesterday and so thankful that every single family member, plus a few friends, were at our tables.  My son loves to cook and he made these for the kids.   Some of you have already seen as I posted on Facebook.
We had all the usual and everyone still had left-overs to take home with them. We have such good cooks in this family.  Not me, everyone else!

Now we all put away the turkey/harvest/Pilgrim things, and begin to be ready for Christmas.  If you are off work this weekend, enjoy.  If you have to work, God bless you for doing so.


  1. {{Linda!!!!}}}Squealing with delight over your dear firend, you are more than welcome to hop on a plane to visit, it is still snowing. Beautiful, lovely flakes. Glad Thanksgiving was good for y'all. We just got back from the dr.'s office and hubby is waiting for his brother so they can decorate outside. Blessings

  2. Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving! I did too, and we had snow too, although we don't get quite as excited about it as you do. :)
    Love those turkeys!

  3. snow here in Florida but lots of sunshine! I'm glad you had such a good Thanksgiving!

  4. Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving!

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Those turkeys are adorable! I'm ready for Christmas and really looking forward to it this year. Hugs to you.

  6. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, Linda. We will have leftovers all weekend - Hooray! Love your new "snowy" background. You can keep the real flakes!

  7. I like the clever food decorations. Those are adorable. Looks like something my husband would make. The snowy background is fitting, too, considering how much snow many Northeasterners are getting. I too pray we have a White Christmas (in more ways than one ... grin).
    Hope y'all are well and happy!
    Luv ~:)