Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Happy day before 'the' day!  Do you have your turkey?  Do you serve something other than turkey?  Do you do all the cooking?  How many will be at your table tomorrow?  (yes to turkey, baked ham, no, children do all the cooking, and we will have 15 at our table.)

We had a wonderful service at church last night. We were served the Lord's Supper. We have so many new members in the church, that Pastor took the time to explain and read from Scripture what we were doing, how we do it, and what it meant to partake. As I bowed my head, all of the things I am so thankful for, came flooding in and the tears flooded out.  Christ took all my sins on Himself, and gave me a way to go to Heaven some day.  It is over-whelming to me.  Before we actually were served, many people stood and gave testimonies of what they were thankful was a blessing all around.

My son came over yesterday and helped put things up for me that I couldn't reach, did a little dusting for me, and we talked about our family and how thankful we were that we were still all together this year.

I did put a P.S. on my entry yesterday that I will get my epidural this coming Monday. I am thankful for modern medicine and our doctors and nurses.

This is probably what will be left tomorrow at our house! 



  1. Hi Linda!! Glad Murphy could come over and lend a hand. Also glad you were able to get to church last night!!

    I am doing all the cooking, except the desserts. Helen and Cheryl are bringing the desserts and a cranberry jello salad. The turkey is thawing and I will get the marinade on it later today. We aren't eating until around 3:00, so I will only be doing some prep work today, to make tomorrow morning a little easier. There will be 8 at our table. Fifteen sounds like a lot more fun. I surely do miss "the old days" when there would be 30 or so of us - aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, parents.... I tend to wallow in the memories, but they are good!! I know your day will be blessed!!

  2. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. I do all the cooking and baking, hubby doesn't like to travel during the holidays...just turkey, no ham (with all the "fixins"). Glad Murphy came over--and wow, 15 for dinner? AWESOME!!!! We will have 5 total. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. KEEPING YOU IN PRAYER. Blessings

  4. What a sweet post, giving thanks to our Saviour for the gift of salvation! Indeed, we have reason to be thankful!

  5. We're cooking a goose this year. First time. Never had goose before so this should be a new experience. I pray your Thanksgiving is happy, safe, and joyful. Also, prayers for a rapid healing. Love to all there! ~:)

  6. Glad that epidural is scheduled. Enjoy tomorrow!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your day was just wonderful. 15 at the table! Wow. It was just me and my husband. We went out to dinner and had a wonderful time. No cooking or clean up, just a great time.

    Your church service sounds so wonderful and meaningful. So glad you were able to be a part of it.