Thursday, November 6, 2014

I am thankful for the big things, but more important to me, are the small things that come along in my life.

1.  Before church started last night, a young girl came up to me with a sack,
and said, 'Mom told me to give this to you'.  It is a carrier for my Bible. It opens like a book and my Bible fit perfectly.  It has a place for a pen, notes, pictures, etc.  This Mother has 4 children, works two jobs to feed and clothe them, and yet she gave me a gift.  I am thankful.

2.  I am thankful that a young man in our church is moving back home (Chattanooga) from Atlanta. He is such a nice guy and is liked by all.  You may have heard the expression, 'he/she is totally sold out for Christ', he is.  He is just a delight and was a big part of our church family.

3.  I enjoyed track and field, and volleyball, but I am thankful basketball season will start next week.  We enjoy watching our granddaughter play.  

4.  Same granddaughter was inducted into the National Beta Club yesterday.  I am thankful for her ability to play all sports and yet keep her grades up. 

5.  I don't own a coat.  I know that seems strange, but until last year, I haven't needed one, as I have always been hot natured.  Brrrr...that has changed in my old age, and I freeze!  I am thankful that I found a coat I want and ordered it yesterday.



  1. What a lovely list of blessings. I'm thankful you have a blog where I can come "visit" you!

  2. Loveeeee everything about your post!!!! Coats are needed, especially today, a rain coat and a heavy sweater, gloves and a hat, wink. Blessings

  3. Brrrr on ordering a coat!! Glad you found one you like, though! Congrats to your grand for the awards! The Bible case is beautiful, and a treasured gift, indeed! Have a good Thursday, Linda!

  4. What a touching gift that bible carrier was.