Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Good morning to all.  We are due another lovely fall like day and hope where you are is nice as well.

When I saw the title picture, I had to smile.  Some time ago, my grandson Jesse, was visiting.  He was in the living-room talking to his Papaw and I came out of one of the other rooms slightly bent over and moaning about how much my back hurt.  Without a pause he said, 'Hi Nana, does your back hurt?  You are old!' and he didn't smile or stop talking, but I had to laugh.  Below are pictures of him with his new hair cut.  We all liked it except we thought it made him look older than his 6 years!  Touche'!!

As you can see, he has very blonde, almost white blonde hair, and his parents have always liked it a little longer than this picture.  For me, I love it....he looks like a little boy now.  He is never still, and talks 'up a blue streak', if you know what that means.  I have 6 grands, but he is the only boy.

This week and next have turned into appointment days.  Yesterday, the pain clinic for Jim.  Today the dentist to take impressions for a partial plate.  Next week is about the same.  It is pretty sad when all you have are doctor or dental appointments to get you out of the house!  

Jim fell again last night.  He was getting up out of his recliner, evidently put his feet in the wrong position, and fell against the table next to his chair.  I was on the computer and heard a sadly familiar noise.  I ran to living-room and there he was on the floor.  He said 'am I bleeding anywhere on my head?'  He wasn't and with help was able to get up.  This is either the 14th or 15th time this year that he has fallen and nothing broken.  I fear a broken hip, for at our age, that is a hard surgery to recover from, if one even does.  Sigh.  Thank you Lord.

He did manage to cook supper after his fall, so that was another indicator that he was ok.  We had white beans (navy beans), mashed potatoes and cornbread.  We had a few sliced tomatoes from the few left in the garden.  He loves to cook and 90% of the time, chooses the menu and cooks it.  I do not like to cook, so I am the 'cleaner upper'.  The dessert was a loaf of zucchini bread that we had put in the freezer.  I didn't eat any but Jim said it was still very good.

Church tonight.  Enjoy the day.


  1. Jesse is adorable! Enjoy those grandchildren!! I remember Navy father loved them with cornbread.

  2. I love your title picture. I was a mother then all of a sudden I was in-between. I'm not all-wise and I certainly don't feel historic, so I don't know where that puts me, but I love it.
    So glad Jim's ok. I know how you feel about the possibility of broken bones. Supper sounds delicious. I love navy beans and cornbread. You take care and have a good day.

  3. Jesse is adorable! I was towhead myself at that age, only my hair was in ringlets. I still have to straighten my hair or I look like a blonde brillo pad.
    The meal sounds delish! My husband cooks and I clean up too. For me, if it doesn't come in a box or can, I'm hopeless. *lol*
    I pray that Jim will improve, or at least be more careful. Y'all are precious to me. Ya gotta take good care of yourselves. Good people like you are hard to find.
    Have a blessed day. ~:)

  4. I love your title picture!
    So glad Jim is ok. You are blessed that he cooks so often.

  5. I saw Jesse on FB. He is adorable!! So glad Jim wasn't hurt!