Saturday, August 9, 2014


I am getting worse and worse about remembering. I can be in the middle of telling someone something, and have to stop and try to think of what I wanted to say, and a lot of times, I just cant remember at all.  Names are the worst.  I can know all about the person except their name. Jim and I have fun playing the guessing game. About 30 minutes up to a day, the name will come to us and we tell each other, but by that time, we neither one know what we were even talking about. We know it is 'old age' and neither one of us thought we would ever be at this point.  I don't think many people do.  Brain cells are the only ones that don't replicate and some of ours have hit the trail!

I decided not to go watch volleyball after all.  I didn't sleep good or much at all last night and am going to definitely need a nap or two.  It isn't regular season games, just a 'play day'.

No more news to report, so thought I would share a couple of things I found and we all sure need to take heed...........

But none of the suggestions said anything about helping me to remember!  Boo Hoo!  


  1. Oh, Linda, you make me laugh. I haven't been able to remember things in years! It drives me nuts, but that's life. Have a great day!

  2. LOL. Thanks for the chuckle. I hear ya, I hear ya..there are times when I am in the middle of a conversation and it goes blank. (wink)--My son & I both play online memory games to help us stay "fit". I wish my husband would, he has short term memory loss from the strokes he had. I love your new background..very pretty. Blessings

  3. I've been doing that for years, Linda....start talking and then forget where you were going with it. I guess it will only get worse, then Pity those around me! HA!

    You find the cutest backgrounds and banner photos!! I look forward to seeing your page every day. This one is too much fun! Wishing you two good naps and a great weekend!

  4. Hubby and I where having the same problems about memory loss, etc. (I'm 58, he 66) and learned that we have Vitamin D deficiencies since we don't spend much time in the sunshine anymore. It's a simple blood test or just start taking it. Overdosing Vitamin D is not suppose to harm any internals. I mail order mine from . It's cheaper than the drug store plus I get mass quantities of it right at my doorstep (I am lazy .. ha ha). Try that and see if things improve.
    Praying for y'all today. Luv ~:)

  5. PS: Hubby has arthritis and he said taking Vitamin D has eased the aches and pains. I've noticed I feel better in my hands too. Might be something to that. God bless. ~:)

  6. I've done that too... talk to someone in the store and not know who they are. I just let them talk on and on, hoping they'll say something that will trigger a memory.
    I hate those sleepless nights. Hope you get that nap today. Take care.