Friday, August 8, 2014


I like my cell phone.  I use my cell phone.  It represents safety to me at times.  

I don't keep it in my hands at all times.  I don't look at it when I am driving and certainly not when I am shopping.

Today when you see a teenager, most of the time you see a cell phone in their hands.
Aryn yesterday, as she was leaving for school.  No backpack, just her cell phone in her hand. She is a Jr. in high school.  Now, her sister is in the 7th grade.  She will probably trade that back pack for her cell phone soon.
Our county dept. of education has a new rule this year.....students cannot have a cell phone in class.  If they do, they will be penalized and their phone taken up. Sounds strong, but the cell phone has become a MAJOR problem.

Volleyball begins with a play day tomorrow and I plan to go watch Aryn.  Jim can't make it because of having to climb steps to get into the gym, but he can maybe go later when they play at their home school.

Jesse said 1st grade was "awesome". Elizabeth and Caroline loved their new teachers and Rayven was glad to be back to see all her friends.  Successful first day all around.

God, please keep these young people safe and be able to enjoy learning.


  1. Oh those cell phones! They seem to be attached to the end of people's arms these days. I hate it if I am trying to talk to someone and all they can do is look at their phone because they are texting someone. I don't have their attention and will often shut up rather than compete.

    First day of school is always special. I remember well how excited I would be. So glad it went well for all of the kids.

  2. Not here. Liam has a cell phone, but he uses his Skype to talk to his friends. As a matter of fact, he gave me his phone so I have a phone for school. He said, "Mama, I don't need it, thanks anyways." Honest. I agree..phones need me turned off in school. Praying they have a good year. Blessings

  3. Glad the kids had a good first day of school. Hope they have a good year. I agree on the cell phones. I've done the same thing.... if their text messaging is that important, then I'll just shut up and leave.
    Hope you have a good day.

  4. Glad the kids first day went well. I like that cell phone rule!

  5. Honey, the teenagers at our church sit and text each other. I guess it's no different than passing notes, but we got punished for that too!

  6. Add my prayers to yours, Linda. Your grands are all beautiful, inside and out. Glad school is joyful for them, and not a chore. Let us know how the volleyball game went, please!

  7. I agree, shut it off. Schools are no place to have cell phones, calculators, computers or any other electronic device. There's time enough for such things. They're all easy to learn later after reaching adulthood. I grew up with any of them and had a better education because of it. ~:)