Tuesday, July 1, 2014


After reading my friend Terri's blog post this morning, I thought I would try to come up with 10 thoughts too.

1)  It isn't raining here, but some areas of our country are getting hit hard.
2) The coffee is especially good this morning.....so good, I went for seconds!
3) My old back and legs are really hurting this morning.  I took 1/2 of the pain pill the doctor gave me so maybe it will calm down shortly.
4) Jenn and the girls came for a visit yesterday and brought some blueberry scones the girls had made.  BTW, the girls are 6 and 9. (excellent with coffee)
5) Do any of  you have Netflix and is it worth the money?  Jim is like a lot of men, he watches all the old re-runs of 'shoot em ups' or black and whites, and I thought maybe he could branch out with Netflix.  Any problems with it at all?
6) Are you taking a vacation this summer?  If so, where?  We are pretty much vacating at home these days, but I do like to hear of others, and I can still dream...lol
7) Do any of you like jalapeno poppers?  We have what seems like hundreds in the garden.  I cant take the heat, but Jim and Murphy love them.  Jim made some last night but wrapped them with corned beef instead of bacon.  They said they were good.  Jim and Murphy both like to experiment when cooking and they change things up all the time!  I think that is why they are such good cooks, and I am not.
8) My new favorite TV program is 'Leverage'.  Do you or have you watched it?  I always seem to like the 'kooky' shows.  I like the contrast in the players.
9) One of Jesse' cats (he has 2 outdoor ones) is going to have babies soon.  She is quite chubby these days!
10)Aryn and her Dad are heading to the U. of Ky. this weekend to a basketball showcase. That means there will be college coaches there to see the girls play and make decisions as if they are interested in talking to them regarding coming to their schools.  There will be SEC coaches, Southern Conference coaches, and others from around the country.  Coaches cannot talk to possible candidates until Sept. 1st of their Jr. year of high school.  Aryn will be a Jr. this fall.

Have a great Tuesday.


  1. Good morning, Linda! We had some awful storms come through about 4am! I love Netflix and the whole family uses it. We have Matt's Play Station hooked up and we can get to Netflix from it. The scones look delicious! I can't believe how young the girls are to be baking already! I LOVE jalapeno poppers! The hotter the better! Wishing Aryn good luck at the basketball showcase this weekend! She is so talented, I know there is going to be schools interested in her!! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Let us know about Netflix.....I've been thinking of the same thing...don't know how many more "Walker, Texas Ranger" I can stand before I crack...!!

  3. No storms here yet, we are under a tornado watch this afternoon though (yes, even up here in NY)..certaintly hot/humid enough. I love jalapenos,especially in cornbread!

    Praying for your family and their travels. No vacation, we will be taking day trips though. Praying for you and Jim as well. Blessings

  4. Big storms here last night and lots of people without power, but we're ok.
    Those poppers look good!
    We had Netflix but didn't use it enough. However, my hubby isn't much of a tv watcher. It was cheap and easy though.

  5. Sorry to hear you're still in pain. How much longer until the doctor's visit? Hope you don't have to wait too much longer.
    Wish it would rain here. There's a tropical storm off the coast and it's sucking all our moisture. It's stopped raining again and I really don't like that.
    Never heard of a popper. Bet they're good.
    We had Netflix for about one week, then cancelled. Didn't like it. I can get more enjoyment from our movie DVD's or watch it for free on YouTube. Just sayin'. ~:)

  6. Sounds like you've been busy. Nice your hubby likes to cook now and then, Abe doesn't care much for cooking. He'll wait until I put something on the table for him. Hard to believe it's July 1 all ready. That Trigger Point injection seems to have helped, but I think since i was making me feel so much better, I might have over done it the last few days. When my other computer crashed, I lost my Christmas Card list and my calendar with things on it for the next year. Now I have to try to enter everything again. It just finished raining pretty hard here about 15 mins. ago. you two take care of yourselves and have a very good nights rest. I've never used Netflex. A couple of the daughters use it, Abe watches a lot of WWII and westerns on cable. I try to catch a few things on the Game Show Network on my iPad. I don't watch TV like I use to.

  7. I'm tardy getting to blogs! We don't have vacation plans this summer. I do like poppers. Joe likes to watch Leverage, but I haven't gotten into it yet. We have Netflix through our Roku and love it. Definitely worth the $8.00 a month. We also subscribe to Acorn TV, which is British TV. They have some excellent detective and mystery shows.

  8. I use Netflix quite a bit. I'm a big fan of the British Sherlock Holmes series with Benedict Cumberbatch. I also really like House of Cards....be warned....R rated. One of my favorite old TV series is Third Rock From the Sun, and I watch that on Netflix. My daughter and her two children will be here from Nashville in a week....looking forward to that. I recently retired as a math teacher but I still tutor, so I am spending quite a bit of time this summer working with students to get ready for next years' math.

  9. We had Netflix for about a year. I just cancelled it last week. They have a lot of movies, of course. Lots of old ones. And lots of TV shows. However, don't expect to get the new movies until they're released in the stores. That's when Netflix will have them. It is a good deal tho'. I cancelled because I wasn't getting our moneys worth. Bob won't watch a movie he's already seen once.