Monday, June 30, 2014


As you already know, I am one of those coffee nuts.  When I don't have that first cup or second even, my whole day seems 'off'.  I was cleaning out some pictures I had downloaded, and lo and behold, a big majority of them are about coffee (or tea).....see what I mean?

I am truly addicted.  Guess it is better than being addicted to so many other

My dear cat is laying asleep on my mouse pad, and it is difficult to move my mouse without waking her....what a life!

No news other than thankful to be alive. There are so many in such worse condition that it makes me draw closer to the Great Physician.


  1. Cali is so pretty. That beautiful coppery color just shines! I am a coffee addict, too. Getting ready for my 3rd cup of the morning. I always do three, sometimes four. Have a good Monday, Linda!

    1. Terri, since we got the Keurig, we are drinking more too.

  2. Yep..I am the same all your graphics..aww on the cat..she sure made me smile, lol. Have a great day, Linda!!! Blessings

  3. No coffee for me. I just never liked it, and I don't care for tea either.I mostly just drink ice water. Love the picture of your cat. Ours likes to lay near us and sometimes get in the way too. :)

  4. LOL! I love your "coffee" pictures! I share your addiction for coffee. I can't imagine not starting my day off with 2, 3 or 4 cups..haha. Have a wonderful week, Linda!

  5. Sweet kitty! Yes, that first cup of coffee tastes sooo good.

  6. That picture made me smile too! We also have an "exciting" life and I like it that way. I like Decaf Tea. In fact, I just ordered directly from Celestial Seasonings a new decaf titled "Mandarin Orchard". I'd down, it's really refreshing on a hot day. It's my husband's fault for getting me hooked. *lol*

    Hope y'all are having a pain free day and feeling only joy. ~:)