Tuesday, June 3, 2014


1)  Summer isn't even in full swing and already I am hot and tired of it.  Yes, I do remember this past winter when we all complained of the snow and ice and being cold, but summer is not my favorite season, so here I am to gripe!

2)  I have to take my car to the emissions center this morning.  We cannot renew our license tags without approval that everything internal is working on our car, and give the city $10.00 to tell us yes or no.  Everything, and I do mean everything, has a price doesn't it?

3)  I am so sick and tired of the news on TV.  The only time I get to hear good news is when I go to church.  It is almost like the networks and reporters have a contest going, to see who can get the most horrible news to show us.

4)  Two straight nights of sleeping all night and not having to get up or not having to turn on the TV or read my Kindle to get to sleep.  I started running the humidifier again and whether that is it or not, I can sleep.

5)  Murphy and Jim's garden is coming along nicely.  Jim has already eaten squash twice.  I look forward to the tomatoes!!!

Gardening is cheaper than therapy
 and you get tomatoes. 
~Author Unknown

God bless!


  1. Nice garden! I miss homegrown tomatoes. I keep thinking I could try a plant in a hanging planter, inside the pool enclosure. That way, the critters (including our cats) wouldn't be able to get to them. I don't watch the news anymore, and I don't read the front page of the newspaper, either. Ignorance is bliss.

  2. Boy, do I understand about the heat. Summer is especially hard in SE Georgia. From July-September it will probably be really brutal. I hate summers here but the rest of the year can be spectacular. Also, Georgia got rid of the emissions control because all it did was hurt the poor. I think other States did as well.

    Well, the only reason the news is so gloomy is our government is so totally consumed by evil and out of control, that the news (that still cares about America) is trying to keep up! It's good to be informed but I, too, have to keep reminding myself that God is in control and we are His. I trust and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have to keep saying that or go raving mad. :) Mustn't do that ...

    I've been sleeping good too but I think it's because I've started exercising again. My body is happiest when it's moving.

    Your garden looks so much better than ours. I keep saying "next year, next year". *ha ha* ~:)

  3. I like that mug cozy and your garden looks great! I'm really sick of the news too, and the way they twist it doesn't help!

  4. Hey, at least y'all have central ac..it is so humid here we bought stand fans and covered the windows with room darkening shades today..I lost my train of thought..yep, the news twists things, the garden looks great, I will try to check in later..as I was telling Bonnie, my brain is fried, LOL. (and I am not a summer person either)

  5. Squash and tomatoes....can't beat that combination! And, I see corn that will be mighty delicious pretty soon, too!
    Sending you hugs....and hoping that you are able to stay cool as we endure a summer that I believe is going to be a scorching one.