Monday, June 2, 2014


At least this week will be 'normal', not short and confusing!  I am thankful that I woke up and still alive to enjoy God's green earth.

Ok, I know you have gotten tired of basketball and track pictures, so to break the monotony, Aryn started volleyball practice this weekend. These girls look mean, don't they? The girl standing in the middle already has a full scholarship to the University of Florida in volleyball.  
The volleyball libero (which is the position Aryn plays) is a defensive specialist position in indoor volleyball. The position was added to the game in 1999 along with special rules for play in order to foster more digs and rallies and to make the game more exciting. The libero remains in the game at all times and is the only player not limited by rules of rotation.

I get to spend some time today with Elizabeth. She is going to a camp near where we live called the nature center.  Her sister is going to one across town at a private girls school.  So, since one is close to us, I will pick her up at 1, and her other grandfather is getting her sister and then coming here to get her and take them both home.

She is our 'baby' grand-girl and will go into the 1st grade this fall.  Such a delight!

Grandmothers are just 
antique little girls. 

Grandfathers are just 
antique little boys. 


  1. Happ Monday, Linda!
    Quiet here too...
    The kids are finishing up school for the year.
    And I need to tackle some bathrooms. Ugh!

  2. Linda, I never get tired of the photos you post of your talented and beautiful grandchildren!! They are SO lucky to have grandparents who are engaged and interested, and able to provide taxi services when needed (your children are also lucky you all can pitch in and help!). All are blessed. Love the Monday graphic!!

  3. Aryn is talented at so many sports! I neer heard of the Libero position.
    I know you'll enjoy the time with Elizabeth!

  4. That's true..... Grandmothers are just antique little girls. Elizabeth is so cute. I never get tired of hearing about the girls or seeing pictures of them. I only played volleyball when I was young and so the positions are all confusing to me. I know she loves it and I wish her team a great season.
    I like that little Monday graphic. It's cute.
    Hope you're having a good Monday.

  5. Wow, is there any sport that Aryn won't excel at!? Cool girl! It's nice that y'all can be such a part of their lives. They'll always remember that.
    The quote about the antique girls & boys at the bottom is cute. I'm gonna totally steal that.
    Hope y'all are feeling good today. God bless. ~:)