Friday, June 6, 2014


Do you get much snail mail?  The only way we get it any more is if it is a bill or the never-ending junk mail. I love my email, don't get me wrong, but there is just something more personal, more loving in snail mail. I think that is why I enjoy doing the 'Postcrossing' because at least I get snail in the form of a card, but at least it is handwritten.

I know I seem to post bad news more than good, but we really do have some happy days too!

I was dozing in my recliner and all of a sudden it started pouring rain, hard rain, hitting the roof, and at the same time, I heard the riding mower outside.  I jumped up and ran to the front door in time to see Jim down on the steps and driveway and Murphy trying to help him get up.  They both were drenched and he did have a bump on his head and tore two pretty big places on his arm and shoulder.  Murphy got him inside and he changed his clothes and I began bandaging him.  Jim has fallen 14 times and each time, we think he will break a hip, etc., but as we all say - he is a tough old guy and has not broken anything.  He is sore this morning, but said he was ok otherwise.
Jim took a truck load of boxes with old papers, junk mail, etc. to the shredder close by, but on the way, the wind blew a bunch of old checks, tax junk out and onto the side of the road.  He and Murphy are supposed to go up there today and try to pick up as much as they can.  He is afraid he will get a ticket for littering!
Aryn, her Mother and Sister are in Birmingham, Alabama at Sanford University for a basketball camp and to visit the campus and see if Aryn might choose it for college.  She wants to be a pharmacist and their program is super great!
That is my exciting news of the day.  We have no other plans today or the weekend, but stay never knows around here!

Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he’ll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he’ll have to touch it to be sure. 
~Murphy’s Law


  1. Poor Jim! I wish he would stop falling down. I pray that he be more careful and stay safe in the future.

    I especially enjoy snail mail letters, cards and postcards. I think it's so personal and sweet to take the time to hand write a correspondence. I always save those.

    Good luck to Aryn. I pray she finds the right college at the right price. Hope they truly teach and aren't America hating liberals. That's such a danger these days.

    As one who picks up roadside litter on our little one lane dirt road, Thank You for returning to pick it up. Your neighbors will appreciate the thoughtfulness, I'm sure.

    God bless! ~:)

  2. Poor Jim!! I certaintly understand, want to know what my husband is doing? WORKING ON THE GREENHOUSE WITH HIS SORE SHOULDER!--UGH MEN!===anyways..Sanford is very lovely.we just couldn't afford it..very expensive (sorry, there goes my over truthfullness again)--we also pick up litter..I don't understand litterbugs anyways. Hope you find all your checks/paperwork etc..I like getting snail mail too..Blessings

    1. Yes Linda, we have also heard it is extremely expensive and hard. I dont know which college she will choose, but pharmacy is what she is looking for, and Sanford is one of the best in that.

  3. I hope Aryn likes Sanford and gets accepted! She is a bright, talented young woman, and will excel at whatever she sets out to do. So sorry to hear Jim fell, yet again. Praise be to God that he hasn't broken a bone! Hope the "litter" is all found before someone else picks up personal information from what blew away! Love hugs!

  4. So glad that Jim wasn't seriously hurt! We get lots of junk mail and bills. I can see why you like the postcards.

  5. Your poor hubby. So glad he wasn't hurt too bad. * I think I may have found someone who can tell me where to get postcards for our little town. If I can find some, I was hoping to join too. That's the only thing preventing me from doing it earlier. * Aryn has chosen a remarkable profession. I know a pharmacist and what they do is remarkable. I wish her the best.