Monday, June 23, 2014


Good Monday morning.  Hope everyone had a good weekend and you are ready for the new week ahead.

Jim didn't do too well this weekend.  He thought the procedure had worked, and he was without severe pain for about 4-5 days, but yesterday he said his legs felt weak and he was right back where he had been before.  He did go to church yesterday morning, but said he couldn't make it back last night.  I did go, after taking one of the pain pills my doctor gave me.  I hate having to take these things, but I can't move without one.

My sciatica is screaming.  I have an appointment for the epidural on 7-14, but until then, sitting and lying is about all I can do without the pain shooting down my legs.

I have been looking at Pinterest a lot since sitting is what I do best!  I discovered lots of 'old time' pictures, so today will be more of those.  Hope you can relate to some or all.

 My Jennifer had a Ms. Beasley and carried her wherever she went!
 Loved the salad bar at Shoneys!
 Did you use or did your Mom use Mercurochrome for every scratch or sore?
 Still love those chocolate covered cherries!
 As a retired RN, I enjoyed seeing how far we had come from the old days!

 I had the purse, I had the shoes 
and the dresses look like patterns my Mom
would make for me!
 My grandmother had this washing machine, and I used cloth diapers!
The only time I used disposable ones, were on vacation.
Loved seeing the bookmobile pull up 
and couldn't wait to check out a new book!

These days we watch TV, go to or rent movies, have our books downloaded on Kindles, etc., and our medicines are somewhat more up to date. Sometimes I think the old ways may be the best!


  1. Most of those are very familiar! My best friend had a Mrs.Beasley doll and I used to LOVE going to the bookmobile, especially during the summer months!

  2. Yep, most of those are very familiar, my grandmother had one of those washing machines. Everything but the Heroin/Nurse thing is familiar, wink. Blessings (hope you two get to feeling better..keeping you in prayer.)

  3. I'm so sorry that you and Jim are still dealing with pain. I remember everything on your old time photos! I have a picture of my sister holding her Ms. Beasley doll. I would sneak into her bedroom and snatch Ms. Beasley off her bed and play with her when my sister wasn't home..LOL. And yes my mom used to always put Mercurochrome on every cut and scratch I ever had! Ahhh...those were the days!

  4. Oh, you know I can relate to most of these, too! We had both Mercurochrome and Iodine in the house, but Mercurochrome was preferred because it didn't sting! Those rubbery shoes are very much like the Crocs of today, aren't they?! I had a pair of those, too, a very long time ago! Thanks for the memory lane visit, Linda. Sorry to hear you and Jim are both experiencing pain again. Darn it.

  5. How it saddens me that Jim, and you, are experiencing pain again. Can't the doc take you sooner? I wish I could make it all better. I will pray that things will improve.

    I remember almost all the pictures. I didn't play with dolls but most everything else is familiar. The medical items where before my time.

    My opinion is that the old days where the best because we had a lot more liberties still intact. The one thing that is better now is our modern medical procedures. Unless one is a Veteran, medical care is so much more superior.

    Please get well soon! ~:)

  6. I recognized about all of those items. What memories.
    Mom always got out the Mercurochrome for all our boo-boo's. The medicine hurt more than the scratch. I'm still hooked on the chocolate covered cherries. I tried Pampers on my twins once. I didn't like the plastic sticking to their skin. Stayed with the cloth diapers.
    I pray you both feel better.