Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The only good thing about going bra-less at my age is that it pulls the wrinkles right out of my face.

Good morning!  Just got the call I hoped would come, the mammogram was clear...no problems...see you next year. Thank you God.

My 6 year old grandson 'graduated' from kindergarten yesterday and ran over to show us his 'diploma' and the reading award certificate he got.  We pray that Jesse's enthusiasm lasts for the next 12-16 years.
I know I have posted pictures from the wedding over this past weekend, but I just had to post one more of 'my' girls!
I made my first coffee in my new Keurig this morning, and my oh my, that gadget is the bomb!  lol  You can change cup sizes and it only takes seconds to make a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.  I am loving it.  My kids know that I am the 'gadget queen', and always have been.  I have never been able to read instructions and make it work.  I do this and do that and it finally works.  Now to decide which coffee I really like so that when I am ready to buy a new supply, I will get the best one.

Pride costs us more than hunger, 

thirst, and cold. 

--Thomas Jefferson


  1. Gosh, did I miss an entire post with wedding pictures? The girls are just beautiful, all dressed up OR in their sports uniforms. I knew you would love the Keurig, Linda. It is just so convenient. We are probably drinking more coffee, but throwing less away, if that makes any sense. I also heard there will be K-cup soups soon! Nice!

  2. Yay for a clear mammogram!
    Best feeling, right?
    Those weeding pics are gorgeous...
    And a Kuerig? Yes! Enjoy, my friend!

  3. Hooray for a clear mammogram!
    The girls look so pretty. :)
    Glad you're enjoying that Keurig.

  4. Awesome news on the mammogram. Beautiful pictures of your grandaughters. Blessings

  5. That's always a relief to get that good news. * Congratulations to Jesse. * Your grand-daughters are beautiful young ladies. * So glad you like the Keurig. Finding a favorite would be hard for me too. There's so many to choose from.

  6. I'm so happy to hear that the mammo came back clear. *whew* Now you can relax for a couple of years. The grand daughters are so pretty. That's an excellent photo of them. Congrats on the grandson moving up a year. God bless. ~:)