Monday, May 19, 2014


All but two of our family were able to come yesterday for the celebration.  One SIL and one G.daughter...were sick.

We celebrated May birthdays, Mother's Day, wedding anniversary and even Father's Day, even though it isn't until

We had cold cuts, chips and drinks....different breads and it was really good and really easy for everybody. Paper plates and napkins saved the dish washing afterward.  Here are a few pictures.
We were surprised with a gift of a Premium Keurig coffee maker.  I was tickled and even Jim said he was anxious to try it out!  I guess you can notice the cake with 'Happy Everything" on cute.  

Two precious granddaughters brought us a framed picture of their newest school pictures, and they are sure pretty little girls.  They also made their own cards and I have to share what each one wrote--

“Even though kids day has not been discovered, I love you.  Happy Mothers Day, Caroline (8 years old)

“Rozs are red, villittes blue, me like you, you like me too.”   Elizabeth (6 years old...gotta love her spelling....roses and violets)

Just when I think the kids don't think of us much, they do something like they did yesterday. I have really good, loving children and grandchildren. So blessed.


  1. What happy news to post! The cards and sentiments are heart tugs, indeed! I think it's just great to celebrate everything at once, when everyone can be together - which is really the important part.

    You will LOVE the Keurig!! There are so many kinds of K-Cups available now - and you get your best deals at Sam's Club (maybe Costco up there) but also through Amazon, believe it or not....just order before you run out. If we can get the K-Cups for around 50¢ each, or less, we feel really good. Enjoy it!!

    1. Thanks for the advice on the K-cups. This had 60 cups in the box and the one you can fill with your own coffee. I will try all the different brands and see which I like best.

  2. My suggestion for the K-CUP--get that refiller--Walmart sells it now. That way, you don't have to spend so much on the cups. (I don't have a Keurig, but just thought I would offer my advice, lol.)

    Linda--how much weight have you lost? You look so diff. now. Blessings (ps what a great smile!!!!!!)

    1. You are too kind Linda. I have lost weight, but not nearly enough. Physically, I feel better for it, and hope it keeps coming off, and not back on!

  3. You will love the Keurig. I don't drink coffee but my hubby and daughter use it a lot.
    The cards are so sweet. :)
    I agree with Linda - you look great!

  4. You are blessed. The cards are so sweet. I especially like Elizabeth's. I'll agree with the other gals and say I think you look great too.

  5. That looks like so much fun! Now I wish we had a Keurig since Hubby LOVES his coffee. I had to give it up. At least, I gave up the caffeinated version. I do drink de-caff. I have Mitral Valve Prolapse and caffeine was making my heart race. The card is super cute. I'm so glad y'all had a good time. And thank you for sharing the photos and the event with us. God bless. ~:)