Thursday, May 29, 2014


Everything is status quo here, so am posting some pictures I found.........
first, mailboxes.........
People either have good imaginations or too much time on their hands.  However it is, I enjoy looking at them as I drive down a road.

I love the next one and plan on getting some eucalyptus ASAP.
Now this one is a goodie especially when traveling...
never thought of something like this!
I want a cup like this one!

Having freon put in my car; putting a roast in the crock pot, finishing the laundry, and changing the beds.  I DO lead an exciting life, don't I?


  1. I love the mailboxes you found! Some people are so creative. I like the eucalyptus too, but my hubby really dislikes that smell. :(

  2. Love the t-shirt, and the mailboxes!! The buttons are a great idea to keep from losing an earring in your suitcase!! Hope you are having a good day, Linda!! Hugs!

  3. I also enjoy quirky mailboxes. If I had a vivid imagination, I would do something like that. You know, we do have some old motorcycle parts lanquishing in the workshop ... See what you did!! *giggle*

    I'm going to totally steal the button idea. I never know what to do with all my little earrings when traveling.

    I won't wish excitement on y'all. That could just be trouble. ~:)

  4. I love the smell of eucalyptus. I put the oil in a diffuser each night during the winter sinus congestion season. It helps. The mail boxes are neat. I like the big hammer. And that coffee cup! Such a great idea.