Friday, May 30, 2014

Good Friday morning to all.  Even though it has been a short work week, it seemed like a longer one. I got confused on the day of the week, a couple of times.

The purple door has no significance at all, I just saw it,thought it was pretty and saved it for a title picture.  If I were younger,and lived in a cottage, I would definitely paint my front door this color.  Two of our cousins live across the street, and one has a bright yellow front door, on her grey house and it shows up so pretty.  The other has a grey door but a pretty bright wreath on it.  Our door is brown.  Nuf said!

My Jennifer married the man of her dreams, Kelly, 10 years ago today. Never were two people more suited to one another than these two. She had a beautiful wedding ceremony on the banks of the Tennessee River.

The Best of Preps banquet was held last night downtown at the Convention Center. This is to honor high schoolers who have participated in a sport and excelled at it. The guest speaker was Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  We thought that the choice was a little strange, as there is no 'racing' sport in our schools! All said he was very good though,and enjoyed it.

My granddaughter Aryn was recognized for track and basketball.  As a sophomore, she did very well, and hopefully will do more in the next two years.  Most of the winners were juniors and seniors.

Aryn is on the right with her track coach.

Aryn and friend Olivia with their basketball coaches.

Jim and I have dual doctor appointments today, for routine check-ups. Thrill, thrill.


  1. I love the purple door, Linda, and I also love the thought you put into your backgrounds every day. They are always so pretty and well coordinated! I look forward to your creations!

    Congrats to Aryn on her amazing athletic achievements (I know she excels academically, too!).

    Good luck to you both, at the doctor appointments.

  2. I love that purple door!
    What a fun night for Aryn. Hope your appointments go well.

  3. Oh...the doctor visits....
    At least you are getting them both out of the way. : )
    Congrats to your granddaughter!
    Have a nice day...

  4. I like the purple color on the door. It makes me think the family living behind the door are happy and enjoying life. I've always wanted a red door on our white house. I just think it's pretty.
    Have a good day. Hope the check-ups go well.

  5. I love the purple door. Congrats for your grandaugther. Happy Anniversary to your daughter. Blessings

  6. There's a couple in Patterson (our nearest small town) that have an entirely purple house. Well, the body is actully Lilac and the trim true Purple. It's colorful! Our front door is Fire Engine Red.

    Congratulations to Aryn. And happy anniversary to daughter. I like the flip flops with the bridal dress. That's cool!

    Hope the doctors appt was short and sweet. Y'all have a great weekend. ~:)