Friday, May 9, 2014

Are you happy?  Six out of seven days a week, I am happy and for no particular reason.  I am blessed to be saved and on my way to heaven one day, have a roof over my head, food to eat, a soft bed to sleep in, and can be with the people I love.  I really can't think of a reason not to be happy.

Every day when I see the news on TV or read it online, it never tells us anything good or anything to be happy about. It is always tornadoes ripping homes apart, 200 girls kidnapped and sold for slaves, murders in my own neighborhood, etc.  

Where is the 'happy' part?

I wish you a happy Friday and happy Mother's Day weekend.  My Mother died when I was 34 and she was 60.  I have been without her 38 years and yet, she is still as real as the last day on earth that I saw and talked to her.  For those of you that still have your Moms here, make the very best of it that you can.

I want to thank you all (not ya'll, but you all :-) for the kind remarks you made on my blog yesterday about my throw back pictures.  I guess I could say that my Jr. High years were probably some of my school favorites, until I went to nursing school.  By then I was married, had three children and I guess going to school again, gave me the break I

Jim is learning how to operate the new TV.  It is of course flat screen, digital with all the bells and whistles, but all he wants to know is how to turn it off and on and to change channels.  He has no clue what all the other 'stuff' is!  We still are trying to get in touch with the insurance has been a week now and they keep saying they are 'overloaded' with calls.  Well, we are one of them.

"I am so clever that sometimes 
I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."


  1. Love that lovely waterfall!! You are so right about how time just goes faster and faster the older we get. Sigh. Blessings are all around us though, and those of us who recognize them are certainly happier than those who don't. Knowing you makes me happy, Linda. Your friendship is a blessing and I'm so glad we met in person!! Have a good weekend!

  2. Time sure has been flying by, seems. I love coming here and like Terri said, Knowing you makes me happy. Your aw'right for a Tenn. fan (ROFL--just a little humor--and yes I did spell aw'right).--OH you just wait until you see the mug Bonnie sent..your going to die laughing. (wink)--Blessings

  3. Reading your post made me happy! You are right - we are blessed for sure!
    Those new tv's are not easy to learn to work - you almost need a class. :)
    Happy Mothers Day! My Mom has been gone for 11 years which is hard to believe.

  4. Such a beautiful little waterfall. Thank you.... I can see I'm very clever too. hahaha
    The new TV's are quite the complicated thing. I still don't know what all the buttons on the remote does. I don't fiddle with it because, heaven forbid if I mess up something.
    My mother went to be with her Lord back in 1989 but she's still with me. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. ♥

  5. My Mom went to live with Jesus when I was 10 in 1966. After that, the world changed for the worse. I miss her greatly. At least one of my step-mother's was pretty decent and was a professed Christian. I'm not very sentimental about these made up Hallmark "Mother's Day" or "Father's Day". Just be nice to one another and honor our parents all the time. That's my philosophy, such as it is. :)

    We have one of those fancy new flat screens too. They're really quite easy if one goes slowly. Just remember, they're very similiar to computers, you can't do anything to it that can't be put back the way it was. Ours is even hooked up to the internet! Isn't that amazing.

    The graphic is correct about time. It seems like as soon as I graduated from High School, the world has been a blink. As the world gets darker, and further away from Christ, I look forward more and more to crossing over. ~:)