Friday, April 4, 2014


If you enjoy books like I do, please raise your hand!
It has been warm enough for the past several days, that I can sit on the porch and read.  Love it!!!
This week has been so long and I am actually glad it is finally the weekend.  Even though I am retired, during the week, I feel guilty being lazy and just sitting around.  Silly huh?  I guess having worked for 56 years, the habit is hard to break.

My son came running over yesterday and said, "Mom you have to come over and see what we found in our flower bed", so out the door I went.  This is what they found...........
Jesse was sitting on the porch with his legs hanging over and suddenly the turtle raised up from the leaves and snapped at him.  He was scared to death. We have no earthly idea how it got there.  We do have a creek behind our houses, but it is, I would say, over a city block away.  If this old fellow walked that far, he may have to rest two days to get back.  I thought he looked old and of course I felt sorry for him.  It is supposed to rain for the next couple of days, so we are hoping he can make it back to the creek.

I found this recipe on Pinterest yesterday and can't wait to make it in my ice cream maker...simple and I know it is good.  
1 can condensed milk, 1/2 gal chocolate milk, 8 oz cool whip -- Like a Wendys Frosty----

The KEY to this recipe is to mix all the ingredients FIRST, then pour it into the ice cream maker. SOME people might try to just dump the ingredients into the ice cream maker individually….but THOSE people would be very much mistaken. lol.  Trust me on this one. You will end up with a BIG MESS on your hands.  (Not that *I* would know anything about that. *cough*)

In the midst of dark times, hope can be found in God's goodness and grand plan! 
The story of Joseph in the Bible, reminds us that God has not forgotten us 
and will redeem the messes in our lives for his glory---and our well-being.


  1. That guy does look old------I always liked Wendy's Frosty, have not had one in years .
    Thanks for the recipe.

  2. We haven't been able to do much outside the past several days, it's been raining. Also things are starting to bud, I can tell by my allergies.

    Let me know how the ice cream (Frosty) recipe turns out. Do turtles hibernate? Things do show up in odd places at times. Enjoy the week-end ahead.

  3. (raising my hand btw)--your blog look is just precious. Thanks for the recipe. This is a keeper for sure. Aww on the turtle. Poor Jesse. Blessings (raining here & quite damp/chilly)

  4. [raising my hand] !! I do love books. There will be NO kindles or nooks in this house, except for the breakfast nook. [lol]
    Is that a Mud Turtle? Or maybe a Snapping Turtle? With the pointy nose it almost looks like a Snapping Turtle. He / she is probably moving to another territory. They do that. We have a LOT of turtles here in the Southeast.
    Now I want ice cream! Bad girl! [LOL]
    Y'all have a great weekend. ~:)

  5. That turtle does look old. I hope he leaves too. You don't want to make that guy angry. I'm saving that recipe and getting out my ice cream machine, after I go to the store, that is. I made a special trip out to Wendy's the other night just so I could get one of those. I'll remember to mix it all up first. hahaha
    Warm temperatures and sun shine on the porch makes for a perfect place to read. We aren't there yet, but it shouldn't be long now.