Saturday, April 5, 2014


No, we don't have a ranch or live on one, but I couldn't think of a title this morning.

I cleaned the hummingbird feeders and got them hung on the front porch.  I don't buy juice at the store, I make my own and have for years.  1 cup sugar, 4 cups water, dissolve the sugar on the stove, let it cool and fill the feeders.  I have 3 feeders and have yet to see my first hummer this year.  They usually come here around the middle of March, so I may be late and will get the stragglers!

I can't remember if I have shared the pictures of the old pump organ that we have, but a friend of mine on Facebook asked me to share with her, so I am going to show you too.  If I have before, please disregard as my mind is going fast!  lol

Sad because no one in the family plays.  We inherited it from Jim's folks and it is in our back bedroom. I do remember the sound though, as one of his aunts played it whenever she came to their house.

Speaking (was I?) of old things that we inherited, one of my aunts painted on wood.  We have several of her paintings and they must be at least 150 years old or better.

I guess back in her day, if you couldn't have the right canvas, you used what you could find.  Neat huh?

Well, I have finished my 2 cups of coffee and my 'donut stick' so I will say adieu for today!


  1. Good Morning! Oh I so love the paintings, especially the last one. When we lived in Alabama, I made my own "juice" too. I haven't seen any hummingbirds around here though. Raining and snowing (yes, sigh) here, so we will stick to home today. Have a Blessed weekend. Keeping you in prayer. (I love the organ, I don't play any instruments either, sad to say.)

  2. I have not seen any hummingbirds here yet. What good pictures she was very talented.

  3. I haven't seen any hummers here yet. I should get my feeder out. I mix up the same juice as you. I've heard you don't want that red stuff they sell. Hope your little friends come by soon.
    The organ is beautiful. And I like your aunt's paintings. My mother-in-law painted and I should show off the ones we have. I might do that some day soon.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  4. I always make my own Hummer juice as it's safer than store bought. Too many people put 'red' food coloring in theirs and it hurts their little livers and shortens their lifespan. A lot of humans are allergic to red food coloring also. I'm beginning to think that they should stop making all food colorings.
    I like old musical instruments. Too bad no one there can play it. I wish I knew how. I'm not musically inclined. At all. But I do appreciate a well played song or melody, especially classical music. And the antique paintings are nice. They are family heirlooms to be treasured.
    Hope y'all have a blessed weekend! Prayers for you all. ~:)

  5. I love the old paintings and the organ too. My mom used to have one and I played it a little, but I always like playing piano more.

  6. Grandma Moses painted on plywood at times , I'm pretty sure. The organ and paintings are so special =)

  7. The organ looks to be in excellent condition - thank you for sharing. Love the paintings as well...what neat treasures.