Tuesday, April 22, 2014


When I found the title picture, I stared and stared at and then realized that most or some of the things there, I do every day.  How about you, are there things there that model your daily activities?  lol

About 2 months ago, after the lights went out in the house, a terrible scratching, bumping, scary noise started in the bathroom.  It got louder as the days went on.  Jim or I would get up, go to the bathroom, and beat on the wall or bathtub, and had to do it several times, to get the noise to stop. It was very scary, after the event last weekend, where 3 men were killed in our neighborhood.  I could imagine someone trying to beat down the door, etc.  We couldn't sleep a solid night because it would do the same thing over and over.

We couldn't figure out how whatever it was, got under the house, as all the holes were covered. The scratching got so loud and hard, both against a wall and the bathtub, I was afraid it would literally come through and be in the bedroom.

Yesterday Jim went to the hardware store, bought a trap, and we called a friend of ours that owns an extermination company and he advised to bait the trap with canned cat food.  Jim took down one of the covers under the house and we went to bed, hopeful!

We were noise free all night long, so first thing this morning, Jim went to see the trap, and yes, lo and behold there was an opossum, big enough to fill the whole cage.

I know God created all creatures, big and small, but some of them need to stay out of houses, and in the trees and woods where they belong.  I don't get in their trees or houses!  lol

Above I mentioned the event last weekend, where 3 men were killed.  They immediately found one of the shooters.  Yesterday, they found a second one and he is 15 years old.  So so sad, and it has to be drug related.

We are to have a rainy day, and I don't mind, because it will wash some of the pollen away!  Have a blessed day.


  1. Oh how scary! We have a mouse in the house, no lie. I think (we think) it is from the neighbors who keep snakes, cause the snakes eat mice. WELL..I ain't having it. Oh, it might be cute, but I ain't having it. Never had a problem until recently when those folks moved in. Just saying..

    ANYWAYS--Thanks for your post..I so look foward to coming here. Blessings

  2. Those creatures can tear a house apart, so glad you got him captured. Did animal control take him away, or did you drop him off in the mountains? (Or maybe he is possum stew....).

    That is a very interesting hand photo, and yes, there are things there from everyday life with which we probably can all identify. I even found a cat!!

    1. Terri, it was caught in a cage, and then Jim took it to some open land and let it go, but he said it wouldnt live long. He had been without food for too long.

  3. Oh my! I would have been freaked out too, especially with the killing in your neighborhood, which is just tragic.
    I agree - the critters need to stay away from my house. :)

  4. Wow, that is scary! We had a *gulp* MOUSE get trapped in our wall one time. So understand about the noises and confusion. It was so awful! I'm go glad that's over for y'all. Sorry to hear about the murders so close too. What a sad world we live in. May Jesus keep you both safe. ~:)

  5. How scary! I have heard that possums have razor sharp teeth and are not afraid to use them. I live in the city (Montreal, Canada) and have never seen a possum. Squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, yes, but no possums.

  6. I hate it when nature invades my home! That guy is creepy!! I'm so glad you caught him before he made his way inside...IMAGINE!

  7. Oh, my gosh!!! I hate those things!! We had a huge one in our garage a couple years ago, a female. Bob cornered it, which made it mad, then he shot it --- several times in the head before it would die. Later, we discovered she had babies. We had to call for help with them. It is good you got it before it could get through into the house.

    You take care and have a great day.