Monday, April 14, 2014


Good Monday morning.  My title picture is our court house downtown.  The landscaping is always so bright and beautiful in the spring and this year is no exception.

Two of my granddaughters love to bake and help 'Mom' in the kitchen.  We are having our Easter dinner at their house this year, and they helped make these yummy looking rolls and sent me a picture for my approval!  lol

You can guess what I said!   Yummmmy and we look forward to sampling too!

Another picture that I love.  My best friend and her husband have a motor home and they travel all over the country.  They have been to Alaska, and all points south, but this waterfall is almost in their back yard at Desoto State Park.  They have been camping there for a week and she sent me some pictures.  She knows I love creeks and waterfalls.

Water is calming and peaceful to me.  It is like fire....I can sit and stare at it for hours.

Food for thought---------
If God was writing a summary of your life, how would He describe you? Does your heart align with His, or have you let it follow the pleasures and pursuits of this world? Unless we diligently pursue our relationship with the Lord, we will drift away from Him. Maybe it's time for a course correction.        --Dr. Charles Stanley


  1. I think most people find moving water calming. I wonder if that is an ancient instinct in us because it means life. Water is life. Without water we would cease to exist. And bread is life too. Both are comforting.
    I hope y'all have a restful and happy week. ~:)

  2. Morning!
    Those rolls look delicious!
    Have a great day. : )

  3. The flowers at the courthouse are just beautiful. Also the hot rolls look really scrumptious. I can only hope I am living my life according to what God wants and expects from me. You and Jim have a great week.

  4. Your pictures are great. I love the court house and the girls' hot rolls look so good, I could almost smell them.
    My heart belongs to God... He knows it's full of love... and He knows the weaknesses of my flesh and how I struggle each day to please Him.
    Wanted to thank you again for the recipe, in case you miss my note on your blog. Have a great day.

  5. I know where your courthouse is, I also know where Desoto Caverns is..I always enjoy coming here and reading about this or that. Thanks for the smiles.

  6. I once read to not deliberately seek Him is to lose vital contact with Him. So true. Lord, help us. I'm stuck in my Bible reading and need another guide. Got any good books to consider?

  7. I love all your pictures today, including the header. The rolls are making me hungry!