Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We did absolutely nothing yesterday that would be interesting enough to even type it!  So you get something I found on the net and copied to share:

Why I love being a grandparent!

I feel joy, pure and simple. There's nothing like spending the day with a young child to make you remember why it's thrilling to be alive.

I'm living in the moment. Adults spend hours doing yoga and practicing meditation in order to feel truly present, while kids, whether they're happy or sad, live in the here and now.

I'm no longer in charge. Being somewhat of a control freak, at first I thought this was the bad news. And though it took time for me to accept that I have no say in anything — including where my grandkids live, — not being in charge frees me up.

I come and go as I please. This is one of those rumors about grandparenting that turns out to be blissfully true.

I'll learn from my grandkids. Even though they are all still quite young, I can see that they will be my window into a future that is unfolding at lightning speed as they grow older — and I do, too.

I know what's important. I don't really care whether my grandchildren get into the Harvard of preschools — or the Harvard of Harvard, for that matter. Yes, I value education, but more than anything, I want them to be happy, healthy and live productive, richly satisfying lives.

Grandmotherhood offers me a free pass to act like an imbecile — a great relief from the grownup, professional world in which I must frequently appear serious and all business.

It's the purest love. Shortly after I became Nana, I realized the affection I share with my grandchildren has taught me about "pure and nearly perfect love." For all the reasons described here — and others that keep emerging, the longer I see the world through a grandmother's eyes, the happier I am. 


  1. Awe..how true these words are (although I am not a grandmother). Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  2. I need your blog header today to put on my blog. *lol* Nothing going on here either. Just rain, rain, and more rain. But maybe nothing happening is a good thing? At least it's not bad news.
    Those are sweet sentiments. Even though I'm not a parent or grandparent, I can sort-of relate to them since I have a beloved niece and nephew.
    I hope everyone has a joyful, safe day. ~:)

  3. That's nice. Most of my grandchildren are adults already, but I so miss those younger years when I would watch them discover the world around them and enjoy the here and now, through the eyes of a child. I love being a grandma.

  4. So good! I love being a grandma too!

  5. Your grandchildren are all beautiful and talented, Linda! I know you are a proud grandma!!